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This Week in Runblogging: 3/24 to 3/30 2014

Newton Distance IIIIt’s been a bit of a crazy week off the blog for me (taxes and Taekwondo!), so less time to write than I had hoped. I should be getting a few shoe reviews out next week (Skechers GoBionic 2, maybe a first impression post on the Altra The One2) if all goes well.

Below are the posts that were published on Runblogger from 3/24-3/30:

The Origin of the Nike Free: Two Videos for Running Shoe Geeks
March 28, 2014

You Have To Watch This Running Video from 1982
March 26, 2014

Kid’s Sneaker Recommendations: Altra Instinct Jr. and Merrell Mix Master Jam
March 24, 2014

Recommended running posts from around the web:

1. Der Scott writes about “Being the Best.” Unfortunately, in his case he seems to be the best at injuring himself. Fun post!

2. As I prepare to co-coach a beginner 5K group next week through my town rec department (year two, hoping we get a big enough group to run it!), I found this post by Mark Kennedy to be very timely. Loved this passage: “I recently saw a man, likely in his 80s, running slower than my 17-month old son can walk. I found myself fighting to hold back tears. He was wearing black leather shoes, some loose fitting dress pants and a collared shirt. This man moved me and inspired me in an indescribable way.”

3. My good friend Steve Speirs reviewed the 5-lug Newton Distance III (just got a pair of these myself this week). Steve’s idea of a good test run in the shoes: “I managed to log my fastest ever 20 mile training run at just under 6:30/mile pace. For the last 5 miles I averaged 6:14/mile and it really felt like I was flying.” Impressive!

4. Trail Runner Nation reviews the Altra Olympus. They conclude: “It eats up obstacles on the trails with plenty of room in the toe box in a very comfortable package. Watch out Hoka!

5. Matt Phillips over at Runner’s Connect wrote a great post on gait modification for the treatment of Iliotibial Band Syndrome. I particularly like his point that strengthening alone may not yield a desired change in mechanics: “Though a program of ‘strengthening’ certain muscles and ‘stretching’ others can lead to the targeted muscles becomes stronger or more mobile, experience and research shows that there is not always a sequential ‘carry over’ to when you are running….in order for the brain to select a new way of moving (and stop feeling threatened by the overload that our current way of moving is causing), we need to practice the new movement within its true context – in other words, we need to practice it whilst running.”

6. Finally, designboom posted a great interview with Tobie Hatfield, designer of the original Nike Free.

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  1. We reviewed the Newton BoCo AT in case you missed it:

  2. Thanks for the mention, Pete and glad you enjoyed Matt’s article. I thought the quote you highlighted was also one of the best parts of the piece. I also did a quick video on how strength and form relate to treating running injuries; specifically, how we need to move beyond treating injuries as an isolated issue or simply strengthening a specific muscle group.

  3. Thanks for sharing my post Pete! Hope it’s starting to warm up for you down there. Been a brutal winter in Toronto as well.

  4. I just recently discovered your blog and there are really great posts. I love this weekly roundups(also from other blogs). Thank you for sharing. I will go on read your other posts.

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