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A New Blog, and A Post On Honesty in Blog Reviews

Test TubesI love to write, and for several months I’ve been contemplating the idea of starting a second blog. Runblogger is my first home, but it has grown into more of a niche site than I originally intended, and a lot of the topics I’d like to write about would simply not fit well here. For example, I’ve written a few posts on blogging on Runblogger, and they were well received, but they never quite matched the theme of the site (the original intent of the name Runblogger was that I would write about running and blogging, but the balance trended mostly in the running direction :)).

Well, I finally took the plunge and built another blog. It’s called The Blogologist, and my intent is for it to be a place where I can geek out on topics unrelated to running. I’ll probably write mostly about blogging and managing an on-line business, maybe a bit about personal/family stuff, and other random stuff that pops into my head. I’ve already been asked by some friends to write a tutorial on starting a self-hosted WordPress blog given my recent experience of moving Runblogger away from the Blogger platform, and I may take them up on it. If there are any blogging/on-line publishing topics you’re interested in hearing about, feel free to let me know with a comment below!

The Blogologist

I’ve kicked off the new site with a few posts, and one that might be of interest here is on being honest in writing product reviews. It gives a little insight into the approach I have used for the past several years, and it’s something I feel strongly about.

If you’re interested in following the new site, here is the RSS feed and I just set up a Facebook page. I’ll probably just use my personal Twitter account (@oblinkin) since I don’t feel like managing another one of those!

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Tom Davidson says:

    That is a great post (on the new site). I think it gets to why your traffic has grown and your audience widened over the past years. Your tone and honesty have created a very solid go-to resource about running shoes. Your positive reviews have made we want to go out and buy more shoes, and have helped me to branch out of the same-shoe-every-time routine. I even like shoes you didn’t and I still keep reading (MT110, on my second pair!). Good work!

  2. Looking forward to reading posts at your new blog! And,yes, I’d like to read about starting a self-hosted WordPress blog.

  3. Cool! I feel like I have questions for you; I’ll have to keep them in mind. But, watch out – I have way too many websites/blogs and it gets sort of silly.

  4. Keith Tyger says:

    Darn you Pete! I spend enough time scouring run blogger while awaiting new posts! Now a second site:O

  5. Great idea! As I have been working on our running blog the past 1.5 years, I’ve learned so much about blogging and other online business stuff. It’s fascinating how one sorta lead to the other and they both have so much in common. Definitely will check it out!

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