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Pearl Izumi EM Road N0 Preview

Pearl Izumi EM Road N0Yesterday I posted my review of the Pearl Izumi EM Road N1, which has quickly become one of my favorite shoes of the year so far.

Today, posted a video preview of a new addition to the Pearl Izumi E-Motion line, the EM Road N0 (see below). The N0 is a zero drop shoe, and looks very much like a racing flat – my kind of shoe!

For more 2014 shoe previews, visit the YouTube channel.

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  1. Ashwyn Gray says:

    Yep, I’m tempted by this one! The other options in this product line are a bit too heavy on the cushioning for my tastes. But, I like the looks of this!

    • Pete Larson says:

      Simple and flat, very nice. Hope the price is under $100

      Sent from my iPad

    • Curious, have you tried them or just going off stack heights? I ask because Petes review yesterday said the 1’s were firm and Inside Triathlon reviewed the 2’s and said there is a decent amount of foam, but not a lot of cushioning (IE also firm). Which surprised me since the 1’s were firm as well, you would think the 2’s would have some give. Just looking for another opinion…

      • Ashwyn Gray says:

        No, I must admit that I haven’t tried them, DWrek. I’m judging based on my own perception of stack height as it relates to proprioception.

  2. bob baks says:

    Hey, this next comment is going to be sarcasm, so get ready:

    Yep, looks like everyone is abandoning minimalism.

    • Robert Osfield says:

      This looks to be Peal Izumi’s most minimal shoe to date – low weight, zero drop, low stack heights, minimal upper.

      Not quite sure how you can claim that everyone is abandoning minimalism when new shoes such as this one are specifically made for the minimal market – just listen to language used by the sales guy.

      While there are new max cushioning shoes appearing on the market, there are still plenty of new minimal shoes coming out as well. What I see if shoe market spreading out both upwards and downwards w.r.t cushioning, and generally downwards w.r.t weight.

      • Pete Larson says:

        Most companies produced their minimal shoes in the past two years, big news when they came out but now these are just in the update cycle. The new stuff coming, which naturally gets more press, is more on the cushioned end. It’s become trendy to say minimal is dead, when really what has happened is that as a trend for the masses it has died off. Most who have gone minimal and found benefit are not going to give it up.
        Sent from my iPad

      • bob baks says:

        There has been much talk about how minimalism is dead. The comment was obviously sarcastic.

        • bob baks says:

          Anyway, it’s encouraging to see new minimal shoes being released. The influence of minimalist running is here to stay. Among most recreational runners, who don’t need max cushioning for ultras, there is still buzz about minimalism, because it’s a novel concept for them. You see more and more Kinvaras, Brooks Pure shoes, Skechers and the like at races. I saw a kid maybe about 10-13 on the rapid the other day wearing some pair of green Brooks Pure shoes. The concept has creeped into running footwear and it’s not going away. I saw recently that Asics is coming out with a shoe next year, the Gel super J33, that looks an awful lot like a Kinvara. Yeah, these aren’t shoes like a Vapor Glove, but still, the lower drop, less motion controlling aspect of the shoes puts them in the more minimal end of the spectrum.

          • Robert Osfield says:

            I see a lot more minimalist shoes at race as well as HOKA’s, both categories seem to be expanding in the Scottish Ultra scene.

            I was quite surprised to see several runners wearing Vivobarefoot’s during the Devil O’ The Highlands Ultra that I completed last weekend. The 43 miles of trails are stony and unforgiving, a serious workout for your feet even in more built up shoes.

          • Scotland, eh? I had a nice time about a year ago running around Arthur’s Seat in my Altra Instincts. Man, I love Edinburgh.

          • Here’s a bonny shot from one of those runs:

          • oops, looks like I got caught being obsessive.

          • Here’s a bonny pic from one of those runs:

          • Here’s a bonny photo from one of those runs:

          • That first hill up is a real killer!

        • Robert Osfield says:

          Obviously it wasn’t quite not obvious :-)
          It is now that you’ve added the extra line.

    • This is a racing flat. Racing flats have always looked somewhat like this. This has nothing to do with minimalism, unless the term has become so ubiquitous as to include racing shoes.

  3. Alex Beecher says:

    Looks like a perfectly simple shoe. Breathable upper, flat, full contact sole, and a little cushion. Happy there was no talk of “dynamic offset” in a shoe that has, theoretically, no offset. Let’s hope the marketing buzzwords stay away from this one.

  4. This just joined the Adidas Adios Boost as my most anticipated coming release. Concerned the firmness of the Road N0 may be a little much with the lower stack height.

  5. This is NOT a zero-drop shoe, guys. It’s minimal cush sure for a pearl izumi – but the differential is 6mm (16mm heel, 10mm forefoot).

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