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Brooks Going Zero Drop with the Pure Drift

Update 2/18/2012: Read Pete’s review of the Brooks Pure Drift

Just came across an article on IndsideInsight announcing the Brooks will be releasing a zero-drop shoe in the near future. The Pure Drift is a new addition to the Pure-Project lineup and it features a removable 4mm drop insole, which when removed makes this a zero drop shoe. I’ve long wondered why shoe companies have not attempted to build “transitionability” (is that a word???) into a single shoe through a removable insole, so kudos to Brooks for taking the step. Hard to say much given the scanty info currently available, but that forefoot looks nice and big in the photo below, and looks like plenty of room for the big toe to splay out!

Brooks Pure Drift

InsideInsight reports that the Pure Drift will be available in January 2013 and will retail for $100.

Just found a few more photos on the Brooks website, sounds like weight will be under 6 oz:

Brooks Pure Drift Side

Brooks Pure Drift Sole

Update 2/18/2012: Read Pete’s review of the Brooks Pure Drift

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  1. Lindsay Knake says:

    This is great! So nice to see Brooks heading to offering an option like that. I’ve worn Brooks for years and love the, but as I turn to more minimal shoes Brooks isn’t offering what I want. This weekend I finally tried on a couple of the Pure Project shoes. While they were like walking on clouds and very comfortable, it was way too much shoe for me. Hopefully the company is going to more shoes with better ground feel.

    • Lilac 88 says:

      Did you try the pureconnect shoes? I bought them recently and although not minimal like the NB MR00 they offer a good amount of road feel.

  2. Ronald V says:

    I am a bit surprised at how well the forefoot is shaped, I didn’t expect that from Brooks. I am very curious how these will fit.

  3. Brad Patterson says:

    These shoes look like they have a great design, and a nice transition to zero drop. I have tried the PureFlows but they just didn’t fit my foot quite right and I agree with Lindsay that they almost seem like too much shoe.  This new PureDrift just might have a chance at dethroning the Brooks Green Silence as my go to speed shoe.

  4. briderdt says:

    Nicely done Brooks! While this is a huge turn-around for them, and one they’ll probably never own up to, I see this shoe as a (finally) valid entry into the niche. I’ll hold my judgement until I get a chance to slip the shoes on my feet, but it looks like they’re addressing the short-comings (width-comings?) of the current PureProject line with this shoe.

  5. George Lin says:

    Great to see another player offering a zero drop shoe.  I will also say that it reminds me of the Go Bionic/Go Run

  6. gunter voelker says:

     Very excited for this one.

  7. John in Savannah says:

    Wow, just like another person commented, I might actually replace my tried and true Green Silences with these.  Tried on a pair of the Pure ?somethings? and found them to tight, bought a pair of T7s, and they were used for about 20 miles before going back to GSs.  Just wish they would come out before 2013.

  8. Runawayjanet says:

    Pure Connect is my fave shoe. This should be interesting

  9. cody r. says:

    i hate the brooks CEO, even though this is interesting, and the removable 4mm insole makes people feel better…great, still has a squishy sole though…i’ll give it a 7/10 due to the big toebox and removable insole feature, if it had a thinner vibram sole…i’d probably give it a shot

  10. Cliffrc613 says:

    Here’s an idea. Let’s make a new awesome PP low profile, minimal shoe, advertise it, and not release it to the public for seven months. That will make them really happy to wait that long. Great idea.

  11. Slowandtwitchy says:

    Looks like an updated and re-badged Green Silence.
    Zero Drop and Foot shaped????……thank you Altra Footwear, for blazing a trail that all the big boys must follow.

  12. yang xiaohan says:

    Great to see another player offering a zero drop shoe.  I will also say that it reminds me of the Go Bionic/Go Run

  13. Brandon Purdeu says:

    They look pretty slick.  I just saw them in Runnersworld myself and was eyeing them up.  I still love my Mizuno Wave Universe 4’s and their a little lighter.  The Green Silence was a little narrow for my foot but hopefully this will be a little better. 

  14. Paul Henry says:

    Looking at them they do look like a mashup between the connect and the green silence. I really like the look of the Toebox, looks like there will be much more room than in the connect. Which will make me happy, they also look like they will be a little more laterally stabile under foot than the connect.

    However i dont think these will suit those people that are looking for a shoe with tons of ground feel. The mid-sole looks to be about similar thickness to the connects and is made out of the same material. so Id be expecting a similar level of ground feel…

    • Pete Larson says:

      I’d say there are plenty of decent options for flat shoes with ground feel out there now, these fill a moe empty, and probably more widely usable niche of zero drop shoes with cushion.

      • Paul Henry says:

         Oh I agree Pete, and actually for most of my running i prefer something with a reasonable amount of cushioning. Nice to see more options for those of us that do.

  15. Stewymee says:

    Let’s hope this shoe and the updated flow are a bit wider in the forefoot. I found the flow a little restrictive in that area comPared to the kinvara and nb mr10.

  16. Duvall Runner says:

    Pete- Any chance they will come with a zero drop insole and the 4mm drop insole? So those of us that like a can transition to zero drop? Also, have you checked out the NB Minimus Ionic 3090? If so, what do you think? 

    • Pete Larson says:

      I think that’s the plan – 4mm insole that is temovable with a finished footbed underneath. Have not tried the NB – pretty sure they are 8mm drop so more than I like.

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