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Under Armour SpeedForm: Is UA Finally Getting Serious About Running Shoes?

Update 7/10/2013 – just published my review of the Under Armour Speedform. Very impressed!

I just got a message from a friend on Twitter pointing me to an article on Gizmodo that introduces the Under Armour SpeedForm. Under Armour is not a brand I typically think of when it comes to serious running shoes. The SpeedForm, however, looks like my kind of shoe. It has a very simple, truly seamless upper that is apparently made in a bra factory, and it weighs less than 6 ounces. Unfortunately the $120 price tag is rather high for so little shoe, which may be a stumbling block considering that many very good racing flats can be had for $40-50 less. The SpeedForm is due to be released in June, and I’m hoping to get my feet in a pair for a full review.

To read the full story about the Under Armour SpeedForm, head on over to Gizmodo.

under-armour-speedform-3under-armour-speedform-4under-armour-speedform-bigUnder Armour SpeedForm

Update 7/10/2013 – just published my review of the Under Armour Speedform.

The Under Armour Speedform can be purchased at and at in a variety of striking colors:

Under-Armour-Speedform-Blue21 Under-Armour-Speedform-Green10
Under-Armour-Speedform-Orange10 Under-Armour-Speedform-Red10

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  1. ugoland says:

    Hi Peter, it’s interesting to read those informations on the Speedform today because i just saw yesterday a review of another UA shoes that looks pretty cool…the name of the shoe is the Toxic Six and the review is on the site of

    The shoe is presently available, it’ a 4 mm drop that weighs around 8 ounces and price is around 100$.

    The neoprene upper on the two shoes looks really soft and comfortable but the outsole on the Toxic Six seems more durable than the one on the Speedform…

    I have never try a UA pair of shoes but these two models of their new natural line makes me want to try them for sure! I will look forward to read your reviews of them…

    The good news is that more and more interesting options are coming on the market of the light, flexible and natural running shoes. More choices is just a good thing!

    Thanks for the preview

  2. Price will be interesting. UA considers itself a premium brand and their clothes never go on sale and are rarely included in any store promos. It works with they youth, my nephew eats this stuff up. Should be interesting how their pricing structure is tailored towards the running market, which is probably a little older than their main product offering.

  3. John Shepard says:

    I could see a lot of potential with these shoes. For example creating different drops for the bottoms. Or potentially a thicker bottom for longer runs.

  4. Cody R. says:

    these look pretty squishy…what are the materials for the soles? I’m guessing some sort of EVA

  5. Will Musto says:

    Peter, do you know if UA “acquired” any designers from established shoe brands? I know with their last try, threeish years ago, they worked with the Rogue Elite team in Austin to design the shoes, but I don’t think the actual designers had any running shoe experience. These look like a significantly better foray into the market…so, did they scratch the old team and start over, or what?

  6. I have had this pair of shoes and I love this type of soles because its soft but thin it gives you that neutral feel but still provide enough support for your run.

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