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Nike Zoom Streak LT 2 Racing Flat Review

Nike Zoom Streak LT2I’ve had the Nike Zoom Streak LT2s for over a year, but for some reason never got around writing a review until now. I was compelled to do so by the fact that the shoe is being updated, and the new version will be out in January of next year (see a preview here). Given that the update is coming, the LT2 can be found for quite a bargain right now, and it might be a shoe to snap up before they are gone.

I’m going to keep this short since the shoe will be replaced soon. In a nutshell, the Zoom Streak LT2 is an ultralight (5.5 oz), 4mm drop (22mm heel, 18mm forefoot) facing flat. It’s stands out to me for several reasons:

Nike Zoom Streak LT2 Side

1. It’s a Nike flat that actually fits me. Historically I’ve had very little luck with Nike flats since most fit very narrow. The Streak LT2 is by no means a wide shoe, but it’s wide enough, with a stretchy enough upper over the forefoot, to fit comfortably. If you’ve had similar issues with fit in Nike shoes, this is one to try.

Nike Zoom Streak LT2 Top

2. For a flat, it has a very forgiving midsole. Many flats have extremely firm midsoles to give them that snappy feel needed for speed. The Cushlon midsole of the LT2 actually feels quite soft under the heel, which makes it suitable for longer runs for me. It has a smooth, fluid ride, similar to shoes like the Asics Hyperspeed or New Balance 1400.

3. It has a grippy outsole. The outsole under the forefoot is nubby, and provides great grip on the road.

Nike Zoom Streak LT2 Sole

4. Great midfoot lockdown. There is a second layer of material inside the upper that integrates with the laces to create a great lockdown in the region of the midfoot (it’s hard to describe this feature in words). The rest of the upper is very simple in construction, which is exactly what I like in a shoe.

5. It’s cheap! MSRP is $75, but it can be found for under $60 on Running Warehouse right now with the new update coming. If you want an ultralight racer with plenty of cushion, now might be the perfect time to give the LT2 a try.

Nike Zoom Streak LT2 Medial

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  1. David Henry says:

    Ran the streak back when it was the Streak XC 3. New upper on these is nice, but definitely excited about the LT 3 coming out with more outsole over metatarsals…for running on trails of course, haha :).

  2. The LT2 has been my go-to shoe next to the Universe 4 for the last 350km. I can only concur with your quick review. It’s a Nike that just fits, and kinda disappears on your feet. Also, they’re at their best sockless! No blisters, no abrasions, no nothing. Can’t say that from Mizunos ;-)
    What I have to point out though is its narrow last. Its forgiving mesh upper doesn’t help the fact that the sole is very narrow. As a result your toes don’t splay as much as they could/ should. This could lead to met-head problems or signs of metatarsalgia if you’re prone to it.

    What worries me a bit after watching the LT3-preview are two changes from the LT2. Whether for the worse needs to be seen when actually trying them in January:
    1. > toe spring: Why, oh why do they increase toe spring on a racing flat? The target audience for a racing flat hardly needs support for toe-off, do they? Toe spring is fine with the LT2.

    2. < forefoot: Seems much shallower than the LT2's. Thanks to the stretchy upper it's still possible to wiggle your toes, even though the LT2s don't have much room. It's fine without socks but temperatures are 0-10 now where I live, and I rather run with socks these days. Why they'd decrease that room even further is beyond me.

    That said, I hope the shoe fits as well as the LT2 despite my quick observations. After all, on paper, the LT2 hadn't looked like a shoe that would fit me, either.

  3. Hi,

    Great review, any chance of reviewing the Ediken 9 soon?

    • I have it, haven’t run in it yet. Also have the Wave Cruise which is a new flat. Need to get miles on both!

      • Really curious about those Cruises. Seen them on runningwarehouse, and on paper they look quite promising. Been looking for Mizunos that are just a bit more shoe than my beloved Universe, yet not as much as the Hitogamis.
        What I don’t get though is how RW advertises them for 5k – marathon, while the Hitogami, wich is significantly more shoe, is only “good” up to a half-marathon in their eyes.

        Anyhow, will definitely give those Cruises a proper spin! Looking forward to your review!

      • Have the Ekiden 9 and planning to buy the Cruise 10. Are these two similar in size? When will we see reviews for the Ekiden and Cruise?

  4. The only shoe I took with me while away from home for 3 weeks. Not a ton of time for running, but has felt great for 2 seven milers,11, 13.1 , and a 10 miler. Fit not an issue in you go up a half size. Sole very durable.

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