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Top 5 Trail Running Shoes of 2012: List by Ultrarunner Nate Sanel

A few weeks back I suggested that my friend Nate Sanel put together a list of his top five trail shoes of 2012. I’ve written about Nate before here on Runblogger, and in the coming year I hope to feature him as a regular contributor on topics related to trail and ultrarunning (including trail shoe […]

Altra One, Altra 3-Sum, and Mizuno Universe 5: New Shoes Revealed at the Running Event

My friend Nick Pang over at Minimalist Running Shoes is reporting from the floor of the Running Event for In his Day One roundup he posted a few photos of new shoes from Altra and Mizuno. First, the Altra One, which Nick describes as a “fast, light, cushioned, do-it-all performance shoe:” Next, the Altra […]

Mo Farah and Galen Rupp: Relaxed Running Form on the Treadmill

I was recently interviewed by Runner’s World for an article about form and injuries, and in an email exchange with an editor at the magazine I received a link to the following video. The video is by Hydroworx, and shows some footage of Mo Farah and Galen Rupp on treadmills at the Nike complex. Nice […]

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Yoga, Running and Life

I never thought I’d say this, but I went to a yoga class today. A real yoga class, with mats and music and mantra chanting and sweat and everything you’d imagine would come along with doing yoga in a studio. You see, my wife Erin is a yoga instructor and has been a yogini for […]

Top Running Shoes of the 1970’s and Early 1980’s: Post by Sam Winebaum

Fellow NH runner Sam Winebaum read my recent Top 3 running shoe post and decided to write his own list. Sam’s list is a bit different than mine, because he was a serious competitive runner when I was still in diapers – he ran through the running boom of the 1970s and happened to live […]

The 100 Best Running Shoes of All Time, and My Personal Top Three

My buddy Thomas at Believe in the Run posted a Tweet yesterday that linked to a post on The article provides their list of the 100 Best Running Sneakers of all time, and it’s one of those lists that is sure to stir up some strong feelings and fond memories. Though I can’t say […]

Cyber Monday and Holiday 2012 Running Shoe and Gear Sales

I’m somewhat loathe to admit the amount of time I’ve spent over the past week scouring the web in search of good deals on running shoes and related gear (and even more importantly, Christmas presents for the kids!). So far I’ve only made one purchase (the new GPS watch that my saintly wife will be […]

Brooks Pure Cadence 2 Review: First Run Thoughts

A few weeks ago I got a cryptic email from Brooks asking for my shoe size and mailing address. It’s been awhile since I’ve had contact with Brooks, but was hoping that maybe I’d be the recipient of a pre-release sample of the new Pure Drift zero drop shoe. I recently saw that Scott Jurek […]

Looks Like I Have Some Running and Hiking to Do!

I’ve been the lucky recipient of a crazy number of pre-release shoe samples over the past week or so, here’s a flavor of what’s to come – just the incentive I needed to get my mileage back in gear!

New Balance MRC1600 Racing Flat Review

A bit over a year ago I wrote a post on the somewhat complex relationship between running shoe midsoles, ground surface properties, muscle tuning, and limb stiffness (read the muscle tuning-limb stiffness post here). As a result of my experience with shoes, the research I did while writing my book, and conversations with gait experts, […]

Contemplating Runblogger’s Future: Something’s Gotta Give

clock clipart sm 5cm (Photo credit: you get the picture) People have occasionally remarked that they can’t imagine how I’m able to manage everything that I do. As if being a tenured Biology Professor, Department Chair, and parent of three active young kids isn’t enough to fill my time, I’ve layered on top of that […]

Merrell Bare Access 2 Review by Biker Nate

One of the guys I talk to the most about running shoes is my buddy Nate Sanel. Nate lives in the next town over from me, and we share an obsession with running shoes. In many ways, we complement each other nicely since he’s a trail ultrarunner and I’m primarily a road runner. As such, […]

5 Ways to Tell if a Running Shoe is a Good Match for You

How do you know when a running shoe is right for you? I’ve often contemplated this question, and for me at least, I can usually tell after a single run if a shoe is going to work out for me. In this post I’ll try to articulate what it is that makes me know that […]

Music Recommendation: Mumford & Sons

Totally non-running (though I do listen to them while I run!), but since this is still a personal blog I’ll take the liberty of going off-topic a bit. If you don’t listen to Mumford and Sons yet, you should – I can’t get enough of them right now!

Foot Strike Patterns of Runners at the 2012 Western States Ultramarathon

A friend on Twitter (thanks Josh N.!) forwarded me a link to a post on the Sharman Ultra blog that discusses research results from the 2012 Western States Ultramarathon. A group of researchers had set up a study to look at foot strike patterns and stride characteristics of runners at several points in the race, […]