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Mizuno EVO Zero Drop Shoe Collection: Preview Video

mizuno-wave-evo-cursorisJust got an email from Mizuno with a link to a preview video that discusses their new zero-drop EVO line of running shoes (Mizuno EVO Cursoris in photo at left). Two observations from the video below: toebox shape looks great, and the black outsole on the shoe is ideally placed for a forefoot striking runner.

Hard to tell, but hopefully there is some rubber on the heel as well since any walking in the shoe will wear down exposed EVA in that area, and I’m sure many runner’s will continue to heel strike in the shoe (a significant number do so in Vibrams!).

Looks like a very promising offering from Mizuno!

Here’s the video:

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  1. Louise Cunningham says:

    I want some!!! Guess I will be saving up my birthday money next month! 🙂

  2. So, who is handling the trademark lawsuit for Vivobarefoot, maker of the Evo (and Evo II and III) zero-drop shoes? 😉
    Can’t believe Mizunu didn’t think of this (or maybe they did?). The hallmark of a trademark problem is customer confusion, and my first thought when reading this was that Mizunu might have teamed up with Vivobarefoot to make this line of shoes. Oops.

  3. sam hartpence says:

    This is positive from them, as they have been reluctant to modify their trademark collection (Inspire, Rider, Elixir). The Elixir had been my go-to shoe for quite some time, but I always had to have a winter shoe that was no Mizuno (the cavity in the heel collects snow and ice like it’s it’s job) and the last couple of years I’ve been wearing the NB 890 at a 8mm drop and the shoe has a noticeable improved ride. I also have really liked their cross country spikes and the wave universe, but I hope their motion on the minimal side carries over to the middle ground (6 and 8 mm drops) as that’s where I find the most comfort for my daily mileage.

  4. Damien @ Outsideways says:

    I wonder if this collection will have a trail version too…

  5. Robert Osfield says:

    The shoe looks perfectly reasonable, but boy they can’t help but lay on the BS marketing. An anatomical last that is unique compared to other shoes? Mizuno always has been about being minimal? WAVE Prophecy anyone?

    Why can’t they be honest and just say it’s the Muzuno Me 2?

  6. Michael Mainds says:

    Looking at the sole on my VFFs, I land on my outer forefoot and roll in, distinct wear around the little toe. These look good, but I’d prefer some rubber on that initial contact zone.

  7. Heel black rubber is necessary not only for heel strikers, but also for those who land with the mid foot or for walking, as you mentioned. I hope they put some lasting material there in the heel.
    I have been waiting this step by Mizuno, since they have the better fit for me: wide forefoot and a narrow ankle collar that embraces the ankle very well. The material used by Mizuno, the AP+, is also quite responsive, which would help for a better stability. Maybe that is the reason why they consider Mizuno to be near minimal purposes. That is not really true, but marketing is marketing 😀
    I pretty sure they are worth a try.

  8. I do like that Mizuno have these in the pipeline, though I think there really only needs to be one model with a zero drop. And yeah, the marketing BS is kinda old hat. Again, they’re behind the curve when talking about mid-foot or fore-foot–that’s so 18 months ago. But at least they’re making the attempt, however belatedly. Still, I’m waiting for the Ekiden and think that they’d do well to bring the Wave Kudos here as well.


  9. Pinkdonuteater says:

    Early 2013 looks like an exciting time for zero drop but cushioned shoes! We’ll be checking your blog for advice, seeing as how we can’t buy all of them!

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