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Saucony Kinvara 3, Kinvara TR, and Peregrine 2: More Details and Photos

Running Warehouse just posted a blog with some additional photos and more details about both the Saucony Kinvara 3 and the Saucony Peregrine 2.

Let’s start with the Saucony Kinvara 3. It’s a nice looking shoe with what appear to be some pretty significant changes from the previous two versions. Here are photos of the some of the first-wave color options for the men’s and women’s Kinvara 3:

Saucony Kinvara 3 RW Men's

Men’s Saucony Kinvara 3

Saucony Kinvara 3 RW Women's

Women’s Saucony Kinvara 3

In addition to photos, RW posted a list of the updates found in the new Kinvara:

  • More Durable Sole: Saucony heard the feedback about the durability of prior Kinvara models and responded by adding XT-900 rubber where it counts. Added rubber on the lateral midfoot and forefoot means you can expect more mileage out of your Kinvara 3′s compared to previous pairs.
  • Same Heel-to-Toe Drop: Though many other Saucony models are lowering their offsets, 4mm is still the name of the game for the Kinvara. You know it, you love it, and Saucony didn’t mess with it.
  • Smoother Transition: Already known for its flexible, light, and comfortable midsole, the Kinvara series is now designed to move with your foot even better thanks to a de-coupled and beveled heel, along with added flex grooves in the heel. While the Kinvara remains geared toward a midfoot strike, these updates make the shoe a little more welcoming for heel strikers as well.
  • Still Lightweight: Official weights from Saucony are 7.7 oz (Men’s size 9) and 6.7 oz (Women’s size 8). That’s a few tenths of an ounce heavier than our measurements for the Kinvara 2, but identical to the official weights for the Kinvara 2, so we’ll have to wait to see whether or not the shoe has really bulked up at all.
  • Redesigned Upper: Look for a streamlined upper with improved fit thanks to the use of FlexFilm™, a thin material bonded to the upper to secure your foot to the sole a little better throughout your gait.
  • Widths Now Available: For those of you with a wider foot, Saucony is producing 2E widths in the Men’s version and D widths in the Women’s version.
  • Pricing Uptick: All these innovations come at a price, specifically: ten bucks. MSRP on the Kinvara 3 rises to $100.00. We still think that the Kinvara is a tremendous value, especially since we expect increased durability in the latest iteration.

News about the availability of widths and a more durable sole should make a lot of folks happy as these are the two complaints I hear most about the previous versions of the Kinvara. Regarding durability, I’m still a bit skeptical that the new sole design will solve the lateral forefoot wear issue that some runners experience with the shoe. I personally have not had a problem with this, but I know plenty of folks who eat through the sole of the lateral forefoot really quickly – I suspect that true forefoot strikers are most likely to have an issue here. Thomas over at Believe in the Run posted a photo of the sole of the Kinvara 3 (see below), and though there appears to be added rubber under the lateral midfoot and extending forward onto the back of the forefoot, there does not appear to be any under the anterior two thirds of the outer forefoot. Not sure if any of these are final versions though, so time will tell.

Kinvara 3 Sole

The Saucony Peregrine 2 is the first update to Saucony’s first lightweight, 4mm drop trail shoe. I did a lot of running in the Peregrine last winter, and found it to be a very serviceable option as a lightweight trail shoe that could also be used on roads if needed. Sounds like the update mainly targets the upper, which Running Warehouse reports as being “more minimal” in the Peregrine 2. Here’s a photo:

Saucony Peregrine 2

One last teaser – Sam Winebaum recently attended the Outdoor Retailer’s Show and posted some photos of the Saucony Kinvara TR, a new trail version of the Kinvara set to be released at the end of the summer (The Saucony Kinvara TR is now available at Running Warehouse and Zappos). Sam has this to say about the Kinvara TR:

This new trail member of the Kinvara family shares the use of FlexFilm technology in the upper with the Kinvara 3 as well as the 4mm heel to toe drop. It weighs 8.5 oz men’s size 9 and has forefoot stack (midsole and outer sole) height of 12.5mm and heel of 16.5mm. It has a rock plate running from the forefoot almost to the mid foot.  I imagine this shoe will have a quite firm stable ride over varied terrain. Kinvara TR is a strong new contender in the light (<10 oz), low drop, yet protective trail runner category.

And here are Sam’s photos – looks like it might be another great multi-surface shoe:

Saucony Kinvara TR Green

Saucony Kinvara TR

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  1. Thanks for the update on the Kinvara changes.  Great shoe.  Strongly dislike the new design with all the lines swirling across the shoe.  

  2. I’m looking forward to the Kinvara TR. I gave the New Balance MT110 a try but felt like the lateral sole was forcing me to roll inwards. I would guess that the Kinvara TR wouldn’t have that problem with a full-length outsole.

  3. Troy Daley says:

    I have about 400 miles on my Kinvara 1s, I’ve gone back to them after knee pain while running in Brooks Pure Connect.  Do you know if the toebox is any wider in the K3s vs the K1s?

  4. I know this is off topic – but any rumors about an update to the Mirage?  I’ve always been just a little more needy in the structure department than the Kinvara (although maybe I should try again), so the Mirage has done the trick since I land mid-foot anyway.

    • Pete Larson says:

      Don’t have any, but given that the Mirage is on closeout at Running Warehouse right now I suspect something must be coming.

    • on running warehouse there is a page for the mirage two

      • Pete Larson says:

        So it is, that’s the first I’ve seen of it. Guessing it’s mostly a cosmetic update given the lack of fanfare.
        Sent from my iPad

        • Just checked back here, and yep, sure enough, right after I asked, it went up.  Doesn’t look like they did much.  I’ve been running in the Mirage for about a year and a  half – primarily triathlon, but ready to do a couple half’s this year.  I’m a mid-foot/forefoot at this point because of the Mirage – think a natural transition is to the Kinvara 2 (or 3)?

    • on running warehouse there is a page for the mirage two

  5. Pete
    I’ve been training for a marathon in Nike Free Runs and Ree 3.0 v3, have run up to
    16 miles in each with no problem. Nervous about doing all 26.2 in either of them though. Will only be my 2d marathon and the last one 18mos ago I ran in Asics Kayanos (I know, polar opposite). Was thinking of getting Brooks PureFlow as my race shoe. What do you think? Would need get something in next 7 days to have time to try them/break them in for the March 4 race.

    • Oh, that was supposed to say Free 3.0… Also I have widish feet and long toes so absolutely need a wide toe box. Thanks for any advice you can share.

    • Pete Larson says:

      The Flow actually has less heel lift than either of the Frees, but it would be one of my choices, along with the Kinvara, if I had an upcoming marathon. If you’ve been running well in the Frees, what’s your concern about doing the marathon in them? Too little support?

    • Yeah, lack of support. But it’s a fear of the unknown more than anything. I don’t know what it’d be like to run 26 miles in these guys and won’t know til I do the race.

      • Pete Larson says:

        I reached the same point with the Frees – considered them as a marathon shoe but opted for the Kinvara. But, if you do all of you long runs in them without incident I’m guessing you’ll be fine. Wouldn’t hurt to have an alternative though, and the Brooks Flow or Kinvara would be the two I’d recommend.

  6. I love my Kinvara 2’s, and am looking forward to trying out the TRs when they come out.  My only complaint is that the uppers are too breathable – on days under 30F, I wish they wouldn’t let so much air through.  I just made a duct tape wind block for the toe box….

  7. Chris McConnell says:

    I like the chick colors more than the dude ones.  Is there a fit/ride difference between the men’s and women’s versions? 

  8. Hey pete quick question
    I’m a forefoot striker who runs track and XC, I race distances from the
    400m-5k. I’m looking for a new pair of shoes and are stuck  between the
    the Lunaracer, which Ive found on sale at various places, and the
    kinvara 2. Can you forefoot strike comfortably in the Racers and can they
    handle various distances? I am currently out for an injury (tendonitis) so I could just wait for the kinvara3 to come out however…thank you, I appreciate any suggestions.

    • Pete Larson says:

      I’ve run a marathon in both, so yes, multiple distances are possible in each. I find the Lunaracer to be too narrow, so of the two I much prefer the Kinvara.
      Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Julian, I have both (5 pairs if Kinvaras – I have run 6 marathons in them), however as Pete said the Lunaracer is narrower. I also find it more cushioned – it has almost a squishy feel undefoot with not much ground feel. I also found the arch quite high – I had to replace the innersoles with a flatter one. They are not similar shoes at all. I bought them online without trying on (nowhere near me that stocks them) and would have returned then if it wouldn’y have costed $40 shipping 

      • Thanks for the input! I know a couple on my team who have the kinvaras and several people wear them at meets from other schools. just wanted to be a little different. I probably will get the kinvara’ 2’s though. not a big fan of the look of the 3.

  9. Happened to be in the (awesome) Woodbridge Running company this morning for socks when the Saucony rep was by with a bag full of shoes, including all those mentioned above. I’m a huge Kinvara 1 fan and the new Kinvara was significantly not different enough to look good to me — the upper was a bit less plastic-y and the sole a touch more durable. The TR looked very good to me — much closer to the ground than the Peregrine with nice lugs. Doesn’t scream out “roomy” from the outside look of it, but excited to get it on (June 1). 

  10. What, no orange option?!

  11. Runningcoach262 says:

    I’m a little concerned about this Kinvara update. I’m afraid this outsole might make for a firmer ride. Plus, I’m confused about why they’re mainly reinforcing the heel on a shoe that appeals mainly to midfooters and forefoot strikers.

    • Pete Larson says:

      I’m guessing that most people who run in this shoe will still heel strike without some conscious effort t change form..

  12. Bill Roddy says:

    I saw some photos and a little write on the Kinvara 3 and am excited to try these when they’re available. But I’m using the Peregrine now for trails and am really excited for the Kinvara TR!

    Thanks for the updates!

  13. aligindahouse says:

    Kinvara with normal heel but a 2e or even 4e width up front with a Vivobarefoot toebox width and 0-2mm drop = perfect shoe for me. 

  14. Saucony has finally addressed some popular concerns in both K1 and K2 (which felt like K1.5 to be honest). The single most important update in the K3, personally, is the availability in widths. I hope the K3 is everything I want it to be.

  15. Tommllr384 says:

    Just got my pair of Kinvara 3 from Running Warehouse.  I haven’t run in them since I still have miles left on my Kinvara 2.  But, I can say this . . . 1) It’s a great looking show, 2) it has bulked up a bit.  My 12.5 weighs about .2 oz. more than the comparable Kinvara 2. and 3) only time (and miles) will tell, but the sole does indeed look more durable with the addition of rubber at a couple of strategic spots.  

  16. Kinvarster says:

    The Kinvara 3’s are an awesome update to an already awesome shoe. The new design looks cool but I find the upper feels nice on your feet compared to K2’s. Let material folding. I found on the K2’s that the mesh would tear on the outside where the toes flex.

    Anyway great shoe, I wear as an everyday trainer. Easy run, intervals, tempos, I could race in this shoe. Probably the best shoe I have every run in.

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