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Runblogger’s Top Running Shoes of 2011: Lightweight & Minimalist Trainers, Trail Shoes, Racing Flats, and Barefoot-Style Shoes

This has been a bit of an off year for my running. As work and writing commitments expanded, my running mileage correspondingly decreased, and thus the number of miles I have put on any given pair of shoes is below what I typically shoot for. Things are slowly improving, but my running shortage has made […]

Saucony Kinvara 3: Photos of Spring 2012 Update Posted on just posted two photos of the Saucony Kinvara 3. The third iteration of the popular Kinvara, which is set to be released in Spring 2012, looks to be a bit more of an update to the original than the Saucony Kinvara 2, which mostly saw just a few tweaks to the upper. My contact […]

Merrell Mix Master Lightweight Trail Running Shoe: Preview and First Impressions

Merrell made quite a splash in 2011 at the minimal end of the running shoe spectrum with its Merrell Barefoot lineup. The Merrell Trail Glove is a fantastic shoe, and remains one of my personal favorites, and they have a selection of zero drop shoes more suitable for road running coming out in the next […]

Movie Trailer: Iten – The Town of Red Dust

Just came across this trailer for a new movie that’s coming out about running in Kenya – looks fantastic! Definitely on my must watch list. ITEN – The Town of RED Dust Teaser Trailer from Erik O’Neill on Vimeo.

Saucony Cortana Running Shoe Review

Saucony has done an excellent job diversifying their shoe offerings over the past year, filling out both the zero drop and 4mm drop niches. I’ve previously reviewed the Hattori, Kinvara, Mirage, Fastwitch 5, and Peregrine – that leaves the Saucony Cortana as the lone shoe among Saucony’s mainstream, low-drop running offerings that I have yet […]

Rudolph Injured, Flown to the University of Virginia Gait Clinic

With only a few short days left before Christmas Eve, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was suffering an acute case of Achilles tendinopathy. Thankfully, physical therapist Jay Dicharry of the University of Virginia was on the case and it looks like he just might have managed to save Christmas. Read all about it here: Athlete Visits […]

adidas adizero Hagio Running Shoe Review: A Roomy Road Flat Built for Speed

Over the past 2+ years I’ve probably run in 50 or more different shoes, but until recently none of them were made by Adidas. I was recently asked if there was a particular reason why I was avoiding the brand, and the honest answer was that there was no reason, I’d just never had the […]

What’s Been on My Feet Lately? – Preview of Three Minimalist Road Shoes From New Balance, Merrell, and Adidas

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the chance to test drive a few new shoe models set to be released next year, and though I’m not prepared to write full reviews yet, I wanted to share a few photos and thoughts on several ultra-light, mildly cushioned road shoes that I’m really liking so far: […]

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Found this video via the British Journal of Sports Medicine blog the other day and thought I’d share here as well. Dr. Mike Evans provides a very creative answer to the following question: “What is the single best thing we can do for our health.”

Application of the “Wet Test” and Static Arch Height for Assigning Running Shoes: Nails in the Coffin

If you wear running shoes, it’s fairly likely that you are familiar with the so-called “wet-test.” The basic procedure is that if you wet the sole of your bare foot and stand on an absorbent surface like dry concrete or a paper bag, the imprint of your foot will reveal something about your arch height […]

Podcast: Physiotherapist Blaise Dubois on Running Injuries, Form, Footwear, and Barefoot Running

Back in August I traveled to Colorado to participate in a panel discussion at the Newton Running National Retailers Summit. The keynote speaker at the event was physiotherapist Blaise Dubois, who is an advocate for minimalist footwear. Blaise knows the scientific literature on running injuries as well as anybody I have met, and has treated […]

Brooks Pure Flow Running Shoe Review

When Brooks first announced its Pure Project line of more minimalist footwear, I was initially most curious about the Connect, which was supposedly the most stripped down of the models in the Pure Project lineup. Unfortunately, I found the Connect to be both too narrow, and the contour of the sole underfoot was just a […]

Video: The Barefoot Runner

Thanks to my buddy Tuck over at Yelling Stop for posting this – always good to not take ourselves to seriously!

Women and the Minimalist Running Movement: Merrell Wants Your Feedback

Back in September I traveled to New York City to attend a roundtable discussion hosted by Merrell Footwear. The group in attendance was diverse, and included bloggers, journalists, doctors, physical therapists, and a former Boston Marathon winner. Despite our differing backgrounds, one thing we had in common is that most of us had a Y […]

The Great Barefoot Running Debate: UKSEM Panel Summary by Ross Tucker from The Science of Sport Blog

I’ve been waiting anxiously for Ross Tucker over at the Science of Sport blog to post his summary of the barefoot running/footwear discussion that took place last week at the UKSEM conference in London. If you aren’t aware of this event, it was a panel discussion that included some of the most eminent figures involved […]