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Saucony Hattori: 4.4 oz, Zero-Drop Shoe Revealed at The Running Event

The Running Event, a conference and expo for running specialty stores, was held last week in Austin, Texas. A reader (thanks Benjamin!) alerted me to a photo that was tweeted by Runner’s World UK of an interesting new shoe coming from Saucony. The Saucony Hattory is a 4.4 oz, zero-drop shoe that is described as […]

Make a Difference on Thanksgiving Day: Join the Feed the Turkey Virtual Turkey Trot!

Putting in a few miles out on the roads or trails is a Thanksgiving tradition for many runners. Some of us head out to local Turkey Trots and race with friends and family, and others run a few solitary miles to burn off some calories in preparation for the feast to come later in the […]

New Balance Minimus Trail: First Look Review

A few days ago I put up a first look review of the much anticipated New Balance Minimus Road shoe. Well, the next day the UPS man stopped by again, this time with a box containing Minimus shoe #2, the New Balance Minimus Trail (disclosure – this was a media sample and was provided free […]

Running in Heels: My Strategy to Overcome Injury

I have a confession to make. I ran in heels. I did it on purpose. And it worked (I think). I’ve written a few times in the past week about how I strained something in my foot during the Manchester City Marathon. It had sidelined me for 5 days, and then flared up again on […]

New Balance Minimus Road: First Run and More Pictures

New shoes are bad for me – I simply can’t resist running in them. This contributed to my trouble last weekend at the Manchester City Marathon as I ran the race in the Saucony Grid Type A4 flats – it was only my third run in them, and they were too little shoe for my […]

New Balance Minimus Road has Arrived

I received a surprise package from the UPS man today – a tester pair of the New Balance Minimus road shoe! I’ve been in touch off and on with a New Balance rep about trying the Minimus out when it was ready, but had indicated only a day or two ago that the New Balance […]

Manchester City Marathon 2010 Race Report

Last Sunday I ran the Manchester City Marathon, my second and final marathon of the Fall racing season. The 5 weeks between earning my BQ at Smuttynose and my running of this race were both crazily busy and exhausting, and my motivation to train for the race in Manchester was sorely lacking. I did put […]

Running with My Tribe: The Communal Nature of the Marathon

Image via Wikipedia I just finished reading an excellent article by Christopher McDougall on the New York Times Well Blog. In the article, McDougall discusses how he initially turned down Harvard Professor Daniel Lieberman’s invitation to run the 2011 New York City Marathon with him. McDougall writes that he had always viewed mega-marathons as overly […]

Keeping UPS in Business, Apparently

Image via Wikipedia Like every runner, I owe a lot to my family for understanding and supporting my need and desire to both run and write about it. Even more-so in my case, I owe a great deal of thanks to my wife for putting up with the seemingly endless stream of shoes and other […]

Marathon Shoes: Choosing My Shoe for Fall Marathon Two

My initial plan for my second marathon this Fall (Manchester City in NH) was to try to run it in the Vibram Fivefingers Bikila. However, I have come to the somewhat disappointing realization that I just didn’t have enough time in between marathons (5 weeks) to gradually build mileage back up to the point where […]

Nike Free Run+ Review: Nice Transitional Minimalist Running Shoe, but Not Barefoot-Like

This review is long overdue, but it’s one that I have long felt compelled to write. When Nike first announced the release of the newest member of it’s Free line of more minimalist running shoes, the Nike Free Run+, I was highly critical of their marketing approach. Some took this as me attacking a shoe […]

The Variable Running Footstrike: Pictures of Heel, Midfoot, and Forefoot Strikes

Over the past year I have written quite frequently on the topic of footstrike in running. Simply defined, footstrike represents the moment of initial contact of the foot with the ground, and individual footstrikes are typically categorized in the scientific literature (e.g., Hasegawa, 2007) in one of three ways : 1. rear-foot or heel strike, […]

Repetitive Overuse Injuries in Runners: Causes and Prevention Strategies

Image via Wikipedia “Overuse injuries of the musculoskeletal system generally occur when a structure is exposed to a large number of repetitive forces, each below the acute threshold of a structure, producing a combined fatigue effect over a period of time beyond the capabilities of the specific structure.” Hreljac et al. (2000) The question of […]

Boston Marathon: Got My Registration In!

A few people have asked me if I got into the Boston Marathon given the registration mess that occurred. I’m happy to report that I was well prepared at 9:00 AM on registration day and did manage to get in (pending verification of my BQ time). I had suspected that it was going to fill […]

New Balance Minimus: High Resolution Photos

New Balance took the next step in their slow buildup to the release of their Minimus line of shoes yesterday by posting high resolution images of each shoe in the lineup (the NB Minimus Trail, Road, and Walking/Wellness). The marketing approach they are taking with these shoes is unlike anything I have seen before, which […]