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Keeping UPS in Business, Apparently

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Like every runner, I owe a lot to my family for understanding and supporting my need and desire to both run and write about it. Even more-so in my case, I owe a great deal of thanks to my wife for putting up with the seemingly endless stream of shoes and other forms of running gear that seem to make their way into our house every week. In fact, it has become a joke for the kids that Mom has to shout at the UPS truck to “keep going, keep going!” as it approaches our house on delivery runs down our street. When it does stop, Dad has to jump up and down a bit and act really excited, and Mom pretends to throw a fit (I think she’s pretending anyway…). These are the things that pass for fun in the Runblogger household – it’s sad, I know…

Anyway, tonight my kids were drawing pictures for me, and my son brought me this one:

Anders UPS Picture

Apparently both the UPS man and I are barefoot (naturally!), and I’m shouting “Woooo!” and “Running Shoes!” (backwards) as I accept the box with the “shoe” tag on it. I’m not sure if I should be happy or horrified that this is what he associates me with, but I had a good laugh nonetheless. At least it’s a better association than the picture he drew of us last year for Thanksgiving (see below – yes, that is he and I in the picture) – moments like these are why I love being a dad!

Meatballs and Chicken

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  1. Michellejoy61 says:

    I am really LOL here. Really awesome post. Your son is spot on with that drawing. I especially love the UPS truck and the WOO!!!!

    Also, meatballs and chicken bones?? Nice Thanksgiving there!!! LOL!!!

  2. Kris Larson says:

    Great drawing! I love how the UPS man seems to be using a dolly to deliver the shoes…must be a big heavy box! ..and that Thanksgiving one still cracks me up!


  3. Roelle Punsalan says:

    hahaha. reminds me of my 4yr old son who likes to draw as well. drew all of us barefoot too! :D


  4. Those are such great pictures!!

  5. AshwynGray says:

    Ah! This is awesome, Pete! It makes me think of a picture my four-year old drew for me while I was running my first marathon last month. It’s a drawing of me running with a bunch of other stick figures, all of us smiling. He’s never seen me in a race. So, I was impressed that he was able to relay the concept so well on paper. Kids are amazing, aren’t they?

  6. How funny and adorable is that?!? And I do think it’s a great thing that a) your son knows ‘everyone’ should be barefoot; and b)UPS brings great presents! :-) I’m definitely more thankful for new shoes than meatballs and chicken bones, but that’s just me. Thanks for the sharing – TGIF!

  7. Dan Caouette says:

    Love the pictures! Simply priceless.

    Yeah, I know the feeling. As a part-time builder of custom wood canoes and kayaks, the UPS guy knows our house well. What’s funny is our UPS guy used to be a big runner until his knee blew out. He ran Boston 6 times (sub 3:00 hours each time) about 20 years ago. Now he’s cycling 100+ miles at a whack. We’ve had some great talks.

    • Dan Caouette says:

      BTW: I did run the Conway 1/2 marathon last weekend. I was a big slow due to the development of a bone spur at the insertion of my Achilles! :( That, and the brutal headwind for miles 10 to 12 didn’t help either. The White Mountain Milers put on a great race. The course was gorgeous. Just enough small rolling hills to mix things up a bit. I wrote up a full report on my blog.

    • Pete Larson says:

      My mailman is also a former runner who now has knee trouble, but we
      talk running all the time. Amazing how the sport can bring people

  8. Great post! Thanks for sharing. These drawings are just terrific and I think the fun your family has with your “work” and your wife’s fun reactions to the deliveries is great! (for those of us you help with your reviews, it is important work!) Those two pictures tell two different stories, don’t they? What a difference a year makes! But even runners can enjoy meatballs and chicken bones for the holidays, right?!

  9. Blahlablahbloglog says:

    That’s funny!!! Love it!

  10. OMG! That IS hilarious! Love that UPS picture!

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