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Ultrarunner Anton Krupicka Shows off the New Balance Minimus Trail

Just saw this posted over on Birthdayshoes – video featuring Anton Krupicka showing off the New Balance Minimus Trail shoe and explaining his philosophy on minimalism.

Click here for more information on the 2011 New Balance Minimus lineup.

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  1. The most radical thing is that their new spokesman’s nickname is “Naked Guy”. Great video, and the shoe look good.

  2. I saw this advert a couple weeks ago but then it disappeared. It’s a nice little ad, I want those shoes. Any idea on the release date?

  3. Douglas Alysia says:

    So great. Nice video to share.

  4. Thanks for sharing video, I,ve been cutting the heels off my shoes for about a year now! Looks like it should be a good shoe as Anton knows his stuff :]

  5. Kinda sums up the core reason to run….very freeing.

  6. Dan (Milan, NH) says:

    Great video. I might have to try a pair of the trail version of the Minimus. I love my VFF Bikilas (used them for a 12 miler on Saturday). Not sure how they’ll be this winter… I’ll be XC skiing a lot but still want to fit a few runs in each week. IAny other suggestions Pete for a minimalistic winter running shoe (Northern NH winter)?

    • Pete Larson says:

      Dan – I’m testing out a pair of GoLite Amp’s right now. Heavy trail shoes,
      but zero-drop and might be good for winter running. GoLite is HQ’d in
      Newmarket, NH and has some interesting stuff coming. Last winter I used a
      pair of La Sportiva Wildcats a lot, but definitely not minimalist. Maybe
      something from Inov-8?


      • Dan (Milan, NH) says:

        Thanks Pete. I’ll be interested to hear your review of the GoLites. I was thinking along similar lines: Inov-8 has some great looking minimalist footwear: roclite 285 or even the x-talon 212? Maybe I’ll wait and see what Merrel/Vibram comes out with this winter.

  7. I enjoyed the video. I think the minimus might be an excellent shoe. But the video was nothing more than a well-produced commercial. I don’t want to say this the wrong way….but I have come to expect much more from your blog. You’ve been an independent voice evaluating shoes and approaches to running. To have your blog link to blatant commercial (even if it is for an excellent product) is, in my view, a step down from the excellent standard you have established with all of your previous posts.

    But I will continue to look forward to your posts, and will read them with great interest. And I will check out the New Balance Minimus. But I hope in the future I will see more of your thoughts and observations, and fewer links to materials that were produced by the marketing department of a big shoe company.

    (I hope this is not too harsh.)

    • This is far from your normal “commercial”.
      It’s like a documentary. Anton Krupicka speaks the lovely truth.
      Running is getting back to your roots… running makes you feel like you’re alive in this world.
      Anton simply emphasizes that running barefoot or minimalist make’s you feel even more rooted as a real runner. You feel the ground as you run, you feel the running muscles in your feet.

      Anton is a runner that knows the meaning of running. New Balance is a big shoe company. Pete Larson loves shoes and running. I don’t see any issues with this post.

      Lol even if it IS a “well-produced commercial”, commercials tell runners what new things are coming… I still don’t see an issue with this post.

      • Pete Larson says:

        Thanks, I appreciate the comment. I try not to pigeonhole myself into one
        style of post, and though some are of much greater depth than others, I
        liked this video and thought that my readers would as well, and not just
        because of the shoe (which I do find very intteresting). Like you, I feel
        that Krupicka really embodies what running is all about.


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