LinkWithin Widget: Add Related Post Links to Your Blog Posts in Blogger


I’ve been tinkering with my blog design quite a bit lately (hopefully for the better!), and just came across another really useful widget that allows you to add links to related posts from your blog to the bottom of each of your blog posts. The links are generated automatically, and if there’s an image in […]

MyFreeCopyright: Protect Your Blog Content


I’ve been reading some blogging tips on the Playgroups are No Place for Children blog (very helpful!) and noticed a badge on the site for a service called myfreecopyright. I’ve been thinking about copyright issues relating to this blog a lot since I’ve already found a few sites through Google Alerts that have strange mashups […]

What’s Up With This Weather???


The picture below from The Weather Channel pretty much sums up this summer so far for me. Nothing else to say…

Obesity in America: 2009 Rankings Are In


Image via Wikipedia Just read a report on the state of obesity in America titled “F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies Are Failing in America 2009“. The study, conducted by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, showed that “adult obesity rates increased in 23 states and did not decrease […]

Firefox 3.5: Shadow Effects


Image via Wikipedia With the official arrival of Firefox 3.5 yesterday (I’ve been using the beta for awhile), one of the features I’m most excited about is the ability to add shadow effects to webpage elements using CSS. If you’ve installed FF 3.5, you can see the “box-shadow” effect in action on the header, top […]