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  • I tried the Conquest by running in the parking lot of the store. They were narrower and firmer than the Bondi 3. Not as narrow as the Rapa Nui it seemed. My feet were landing and rolling better in the Conquest than the Rapa Nui, but not as well as i…
    in Hoka Conquest Comment by Jim March 2014
  • Try 'The Stick' for your calves. You can really localize in on spots with it. Like this one: Also, use a tenni…
  • My son has a pair of Sayonara and a tread section in the forefoot started peeling away after only 150 miles. Fortunately I was able to exchange them for a new pair yesterday. It looks like the little tread nubs are attached to a fabric section which…
  • Eric, I haven't run much in the 5.0, so I won't comment on that as far as running. I forgot to mention the Asics isn't considered a real responsive shoe from most reviews I've read. I would agree, just thought I'd throw it out for a flexible trainer…
  • No apology needed for liking the Frees, I have over 460 miles currently on a pair of Free 3.0 v3. I don't care about the fashion aspect of the Frees, I just find the 3.0 and 5.0 exceedingly comfortable. Here's a couple other shoes you might try, alt…
  • If you've been running injury-free in the Kinvaras for a year, those would be my first choice for your next pair of shoes. Injury-free is more important to me than whatever the drop might be.
  • Saucony Fastwitch 6. Should fit well since you like the Kinvara. Felt smoother than the Kinvara when I tested it on a treadmill.
  • You might also want to look at the GoBionic Ride. It has the same upper, but a little more cushion.
    in Skechers GoRun 2 Comment by Jim May 2013
  • Skechers GoRun 2 are in between the Kinvara and GoBionic. The stack height on the GoBionic is 11.5mm. The Kinvara are 19mm/23mm.
  • The GoBionic have a lot thinner sole than the Kinvara 3. Just over half the thickness in the forefoot. Very noticeable to me. I like the Kinvara, but the GoBionic are a little thin for me. However, I do wear them for everyday use. So when you say "t…
  • Does he have full mobility in the ankle? Did some other part of the body lock up to protect the ankle when he had the injury? Any physical therapist/kinesiologist you can see to get his motion checked?
  • Cool, thanks. He's a really fun player to watch and one of the few actually finishing out school during the draft process. Would love to see the 49ers pick him up and see what they could do with him.
  • I did a comparison today between the GoRun 2 and Kinvara 3 to determine which pair I want to wear in a trail race next weekend. I did the same 3 mile trail loop in each with about a mile of uphill and a mile down. I was leaning slightly towards the …
  • Did a long run in them on Sunday and never had that thought about the heel slipping.
  • I tried the GoBionic Ride on in the store. It has basically the same fit as the GoBionic which I wear for daily use. More forefoot room than the GoRun 2s. The GoBionic Ride have a firmer feel than the GR2.
  • Try Amazon. They're inexpensive there and have free returns. Roadrunner carries the GoRun 2, but only one color. I've seen it in store there. Got mine in a Skechers retail store.
  • Check the store locator at They have several stores in Denver.
  • Have you considered someone who specializes in sports massage? They may have a better idea of what's going on.
  • I've had the PureFlows since day 1. At the time the Kinvaras were too narrow for me. The Kinvara 3 has a different fit and seems a little wider in the toe box than the Kinvara 1&2, but maybe still just a tad narrower than the Pureflow. After a c…
  • The guy in the Skechers store said the GoBionic Ride have a 4mm drop vs 0mm for the regular GoBionic. I think I've also seen this online. He also said it had about 25% more cushion, but I haven't seen that anywhere and was unable to really tell that…