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  • @sib yeah, they will be a bit pricier, but for me they have lasted (I am talking about my Forms/Cores) a lot longer than any other shoe I have ever owned. I justified it by saying i could have gone through 2 pairs of others like the Virratas I used …
  • I say run in what you normally run in. Unless its really technical. I run almost all my runs in my Skora Forms. They aren't trail shoes per se, but they work great for me. If it is super rocky then you might look for more protection, but it is what …
  • I know I love my Skoras. They are great on road and trail. Zero drop, low stack, maybe something like the Fit would be a bit closer to the Pure Flows (still lower stack). Although I believe the flows still have some drop to them right? The will give…
  • What is cushioned to you? Skoras might be a great option, see here. They are rounded on all edges and will have cushion in the 11-16mm range depending on which model you choose. I have had the same issues with the sole flair especially in my trail s…
  • BryanEW710, that is pretty much the same experience I had. I thought the shoes were decent otherwise, although I think they would wear down rather quick, like the Virratas I had from Saucony. 
  • Boulder Mike, for most of what I have seen as far as reviews and people on social media, it has been well received. Especially as a shoe for people to make that first step into minimalist without sacrificing all the cushion. I know a lot of people, …
  • @fr2ttw Sounds like you lost your perfect shoe. Hopefully you can find some suitable replacement. :) I know its rough when you had the perfect pair(s) and now you have to find something else. 
  • Sorry, I wasn't very clear. Yes, the phase and core will not have the cushy feeling that the Bionic might have. Again, haven't ran in those, so i am not quite certain what the road feel is. Those are the lowest amount of cushion in the lineup. So ye…
  • I will agree there isn't much for the business casual environment, I have heard and looked into the primal professional, just need the money. :) I know Altra has the Everyday coming out but I am not sure it would fly in my business environment, who …
  • Ok, so what I can tell from the Bionic is that it is Zero Drop, 11.5 mm stack, around 6 oz, and pretty flexible. Lets go right down the line here, Phase (and Phase X) and Core will most match this shoe with zero drop, 11 mm stack, 7 and 8oz respecti…
  • Definite fan here. Have Forms, Phases, and Cores. Loving the Cores right now. Awesome shoe. 
  • Might check out skora running. It's what i use for road running. Great flexibility, Fit will have a bit more cushion, Forms and Bases will be in the middle, and Cores/Phases will be lowest stack. Zero Drop. No arch support. Wide toe box.