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  • '..they fit and work great' Err, no they don't! Probably have to cut down throiugh the top of the heel to release it?
  • If you are scuffing at that point, it's often due to reaching for the ground with your foot (plantar flexing) in an atempt to ensure a forefoot landing. This leads to overstriding on your forefoot which can cause that scuffing. I used to do that on …
  • I'm no expert -BUT maximum wear near your pinky toe suggests you're running on your toes (not forefoot) which is not good, especially if you don't let the heel kiss the ground, as this releases the calf muscle. You could then be overloading your cal…
  • Very similar to mine. Landing lateral forefoot. No heelstriking. Perfectly normal from my point of view.
  • Looks to be the same
  • The reason behind it is that line running, as you call it, means you're not shifting your centre of mass from side to side with every step which is waisted energy. I've tried it but know it will end in tears after a while! At the very least, keep th…
  • The new Altra One. Mizuno Evo Levitas 2 (Europe only I think)
  • ...and sometimes a shoe ends up surprising you. The first time I ran in my Inov8 233 road shoes I thought they were too hard a ride and didn't like the 6mm drop. Now, they're my favourite shoe. Yes, I still don't like the 6mm drop but I only really …
    in Bad News Shoes Comment by idenby April 1
  • It's just happened to me. I've been waiting for the Inov8 Tri Extreme 225 to come out. On paper they have everything I like in a shoe -low drop, not too much cushioning, No heel counter, minimal design, wide forefoot, light. Yet they just feel 'dead…
  • The hips rotate from the point of support (the foot), and occurs from when we land to when we reach 1body weight at terminal stance. Our centre of mass is between the hips, so the torso can remain vertical (ish) during the rotation, as Michael Johns…
    in 'Pushing-off' Comment by idenby March 19
  • Robert Just to be clear. I never said gravity pulls us *forward*. Running (and walking for that matter) is controlled falling. Falling occurs when we're unbalanced -our center of mass is out of line with the direction of gravity's force. Falling i…
    in 'Pushing-off' Comment by idenby March 19
  • Robert Can I just be clear that I'm not disputing a push per se, as I do understand the requirement to do so, as I've already said. I'm specifically taking about plantar flexing the foot at terminal stance in an attempt to propel ourselves further …
    in 'Pushing-off' Comment by idenby March 18
  • Thanks TrailrunningDad. I don't actually agree with The quoted comments from Stece Magness. There is no forward propulsion from pushing-off. We know the quads turn off after mid-stance, so they can't straighten the knee to push us forward, and that …
    in 'Pushing-off' Comment by idenby March 17
  • You haven't rwad what I said carefully enough. I didn't say Gravity pulls you forward. I also agree that gravity is a downward force. What I actually said was that gravity pulls your bodyweight over when we are unbalanced. We cannot move ourselves …
    in 'Pushing-off' Comment by idenby March 17
  • I love the simplicity of this shoe.
  • I think if runners land close to under their hips and still heel strike, it's probably more to do with the heel of the shoe getting in the way. It's actually very hard to heel strike if you land under your hips (try from a standing position lifting …