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  • So while I'm honored that the initial list was warmly received, please allow me to refocus on the prime directives. Framing those original 4 items were these 2 key attributes: At a minimum, a real running store: 1. MUST be staffed by runners*, and …
  • Stephanie: Hey, my pleasure. I totally feel for you -- Stitches were so annoying -- I even got a sympathetic twinge reading your post! :) As long as you're gentle, gradual, consistent and balanced as you incorporate the new ideas, you should noti…
  • Very true. I should have been more specific: if your local place is NOT so staffed, it's not a real running store. Move on, and find one. (You will have better luck most often with independent, as opposed to franchised stores. However, occasionally …
  • We've all been plagued by stitches at one time or another -- usually at times when the body is responding to our workouts as if it belonged to a newbie, whether we agree with its opinion or not. We've all also tried inverse breathing patterns ( 3/…
  • Look for stray, rough seams or material overlays inside the shoe. (Your feet aren't identical, and you may just be hitting a seam hard with that foot. ) Use a course nail file to smooth down the offending seam, or material. This is a great way to s…
  • Take your shoes and yourself to a local independent running store. No one can answer your question without seeing: 1. You, in motion. 2. Your shoes, after having taken the stresses of said motion over time. [NB: An ambitious training plan can smas…