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  • Depending on where exactly the pain is (is it more in the heel or just in front of the heel? Or is it more in the midfoot/arch?) it could be any of several things. I agree with Pete that it doesn't sound like PF based on the behaviour of your sympto…
  • Basically, cuboid syndrome is a subluxation of the cuboid bone (one of the bones on the outside aspect of the midfoot) - typically due to excessive traction (such as in peroneal tendinopathy).  Often also associated with an ankle sprain.  Pain is ar…
  • This study definitely follows what the current literature is saying - that tendinopathy is not an inflammatory response (any 'swelling' of the tendon is water retention not an inflammatory response) and that exercise is extremely beneficial in the r…
  • To be honest, I've never heard of a bursa rupturing before. Is it the front of the knee or behind the knee? You got me interested, however, and I had a bit of a look in the medical literature between patients. It seems to be a very rare occurrence -…
  • Nike's Terra Kiger is a 4mm drop trail shoe with moderate cushioning and a fairly narrow toe box (but it has a bit of give). I've put quite a few km's on mine and am loving 'em  
  • Nike Terra Kigers would be another option to consider - I've been running in pureflows 2's for the past few months (mixed with adipure gazelles) and just received the terra kigers 5 days ago. Initial impressions are great so far - a touch lighter th…