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  • I have flat feet big time and people want to put me in major stability or motion control all the time until they watch me run.  I really like the Altra Provision which has a mild stability insert, but are still zero drop and reasonably light.  I did…
  • I have about 100 miles on my Torin's including one soggy and cold 10 mile run. No noticeable heal slippage.
  • I have done two runs so far and really like the shoe, but I had to remove the sockliner. The sockliner would slowly creep out the back of the shoe; even while walking. Sort of weird to have the liner half way up the calf. Not a good design featur…
  • Ran three miles tonight with my Kinvara 2's and the shim under the ball of the foot. I had much less 2nd toe area pain.  It is too early to say that this is the solution, but I was quite encouraged. 
  • I tried the taping on an 8 miler on Saturday and will need some more runs to see if it has an impact.  I am also trying a lift under the first metarsal,but too early to tell about that either.  I am using a thick moleskin from Walgreens and cut the …
  • Thanks.  I have not tried that, but I certainly will.  Looks like the tape creates more separation which seems like would help. Fred