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  • still rotating with the K5 and occasional Mizuno run, not a lot of miles on them.  I think I have put 40 miles on them maybe, too soon to tell.
    in Altra One2 Comment by Aspire August 2014
  • Sorry guys haven checked into the forum since the original posting.  you know I don't really think I ponder breathability much.  I've never said I sure love these shoes, but they could be more breathable.  Probably not the best to comment.  Though I…
    in Altra One2 Comment by Aspire August 2014
  • I just posted on this topic.  both a PF and Kinvara 5 runner and I love the Altra One2
  • For about a year (as long as I have been running long enough distances to worry about water) I have been bringing my ATM card with me and simply buying water once or twice depending on the run.  This of course assumes there is somewhere to buy water…
  • Tried the Gel Lyte33 2, almost bought them prior to the BM just to have the BM shoe.  Toe box is significantly more cramped than even the Pure Flow.  Also tried the Hoka One One on and it felt like I would be running on a mattress, not sure I wantto…
  • Thanks for the suggestions - the mix master doesn't sound like it fits the bill for a recovery shoes but maybe worth trying to put into the rotation.  Had a chance to get some Triumph 10's on a daily deal site recently and passed...  Oh well support…
  • Altra Torin? I found some on a business trip at a shop in Boston and took them home.  I havent run in them yet because I had a bit of a calf strain during training and I have wanted to avoid any complication that could result from transition from 4m…
  • alright massage will have be postponed
  • thanks for the responses (was sitting in the waiting room for wife's pregnancy check up).  I wasnt real articulate but I was asking the question with the concerns in mind of: a) exposing the skin once again, maybe a blister or two would be the rewar…
    in Callouses Comment by Aspire March 2013
  • BryanEW710 You should see me on a 40 day or night run, it looks like I am wearing a heavy base layer for a day on the slopes.
  • Thank you all for your contributions. I did start with compression during the first few months of winter, in so cal we think its freezing if it get below 50... I think I will pass on them for the marathon as I do sense a sort of resistance when wo…
  • Thanks Mogelsby I wondered if maybe compression delays the onset of the typical muscle pain I feel on longer runs. Sounds like your experience is no
  • anyone have a link to these shoes, cant find them anywhere
  • On the other hand.  I run a lot on sidewalks and appreciate the extra cushioning on HM and longer distances, while still desiring a low drop/more minimal shoe.I tried the Kinvara3 and loved it but the smaller toe box left me with a dead toe nail and…