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  • Hi Stefan, just noticed your comment here I'm glad that it worked for you! Can't take the credit for the solution myself, I read about it somewhere on the fellrunner forum. That's interesting about Inov8 not living up to the promise It would be real…
  • Hi Stefan, I painted it on in a thin layer on the inside, probably about 0.5mm thick. haven't noticed any rubbing issues although I do wear them with socks........ good luck!
  • Aha! thanks Bryan! I have put some before and after shots on flickr and they can be found here  as I had some problems with tinypic I forgot to mention above that I masked of the bits that I didn't want to paint with some tape. I think that the firs…
  • This particular issue of Inov8 shoes breaking around the flex point is not a new one. I have had two pairs of bare grip 200's and it happened to both of them. To be fair, they have reacted well to a warranty claim I made on the on the first pair. Af…
  • I just got a tweet from New Balance UK after asking them if these shoes will be available in the UK any time (they are not at the moment) and they have told me that the MT1010 V2 will be coming out in the Autumn/Winter so it will be interesting to s…