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Just thought I'd start a post to rank the running shoes in your rotation. Thought it would make an interesting read and look forward to reading about what people enjoy running in. I have too many shoes to rank them all, so I'll rank what's in my current rotation (with #1 being my favorite):

1. Saucony Virrata
2. Saucony Kinvara 3
3. Skechers GoRun 2
4. Altra Instinct 1.5
5. Brooks PureDrift
6. New Balance 730
7. New Balance MR20
8. New Balance MR00 (semi-retired)

Trail Shoes:

1. New Balance MT1010
2. Saucony Peregrine


  • I wish I had more than one shoe to actually have a rotation, lol
  • You still have the Mirage 2's right? Lol
  • Yeah, but I pretty much consider them dead.
  • 1. Green Silence (desperately need to find a new shoe for long runs because these are dead).
    2. Kinvara 3
    3. MT110 (update)
    4. Inov-8 Trailroc 245
    5. Mizuno Wave Universe
    6. Brooks Pure Drift
    7. Pure Cadence 2

    Looking forward to checking out the new MR10 and Altra Torin. Really need a new long run shoe though. Kinvara ideally would be that but anything over 16 in them and my calves really feel it.
  • The MR10v2 have piqued my interest also. I like the way the Minimus last fits, just haven't really "loved" the way they felt underfoot (firm and not responsive enough). My MT1010's feel good for trails, but most my mileage is on pavement.

  • Right now, it's:

    1. Merrell Bare Access 2
    2. Saucony Grid Mirage 2

    Another pair of shoes from way back in the day would make my all-time list.

    Saucony Grid Swerve Ti


    Adidas Cairo

  • I remember the Cairos, but not the Grid Swerve. Are they leather? Lol
  • edited February 2013
    Remember, the Swerve was from way back in 98-99ish (I remember my XC coach running in them).  Think of them as a spiritual predecessor of the Grid Mirage.

    The Cairo (the color shown was the 2nd color set...they were already going downhill by then) is from the very early 2000's.

    I would also include the first shoes I ever ran sockless on a regular basis in...the Nike Zoom Eldoret and the Asics GT-2040.

  • I currently have:

    1. New Balance 730s (x2)
    2. Kinvara 3
    3. Vibram Bikila
    4. Luna Sandals


    1. Saucony Peregrine (I recently relaced these skipping the first lacing hole and it made them a brand new shoe).
    2. NB MT20v2 (only a few miles on these, still not sure about them)

  • Have to run in my Mirages while I wait for my BA2's to go back to RoadRunner in exchange for a new pair.  Forgot how much I liked them.  Durability stunk, though, and the insole cut the crap out of my instep on both feet on several occasions (though for 3mi runs, it won't matter).
  • My list:

    1. Newton Distance (currently rotating between two pairs - killer deal on ebay - with 150 miles on each)
    2. Newton Terra Momentus (very close to retirement - love the idea, but won't replace them)
    3. Saucony Mirage (@Bryan - only got like 200 miles out of them & rifled through 2 pair)
    4. Vibram KSO (speedwork and an ample short distance racer - PR'ed a 5k in them this year)
    5. New Balance MT20 (WinterRun edition)
    6. Brooks Green Silence

    On the radar:

    1. New Balance MT1010
    2. Inov8 Rocklite 285

    It will be some time before I buy another pair of road shoes.  I would REALLY like to test out the upcoming Skechers GoBionic Trail.

  • Currently
    1. Mirage 2-swapped out sockliner for an inov-8 3 mm liner.
    2. Inov-8 roclite 295

    Just picked up some NB MT110's for $30 and have some MT00 on order from Running Warehouse. I'll have to see where they fit in after I get some miles in them.

    There's also some Mizuno bricks i won't use anymore.
  • That's an awesome deal on the MT110's!
  • Yeah. They are the originals with the higher lugs on the outer edge, but at that price I figured it was worth giving them a shot. I can do a little surgery if I have to.
  • I only have about 240mi on my Mirages and I wouldn't be running in them if I had another option.  I'm trying to talk myself into/out of a pair of original model Altra Instincts that showed up on RunningWarehouse today.  $50 with coupon is hard to beat...
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