Keeping A good Pace

One of my biggest problems when running is staying right on pace. I often start a race saying to myself "OK, don't burn out at the beginning! Take it easy, leave some in the tank for the end!". Well, it doesn't matter what I tell myself. I still wind up burning out. Does anybody have any tips for staying on pace? I've heard about people setting a mental tempo or counting steps with cadence, but I'll take any other tips I can get!


  • I recently started using the app Pace My Run. Gets me within seconds of my goal time every single run. Basically if you're running too slow, the music slows down, and if you're running too fast, the music speeds up, so you know where you are in relation to the perfect pace at all times. Give it a try, I think it's free. 
  • GPS watch or a heart rate monitor can be good tools for helping with pacing. Once you get a feel for effort based pacing with a device like this, it's much easier to tune into your body when you take the device away.
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