Inferior Superiors

just fetched my now dry Superiors from the back deck after a day drying from the weekend's Ultra race only to discover that the sole and toe bumper have delaminated from the upper on one shoe and are threatening to do so on the other! (tried touching it up with some shoe-goo but that doesn't seem to be helping at all)  I emailed Altra as these shoes have only got about 50 miles on them. Never had this happen to shoes before and I dry shoes outside all the time. Very bummed about it since I really like the way the shoe performed but not sure I like it enough to risk replacing these if its just going to happen again. 


  • Superior 1? Same happened to mine after some yard work a few weeks back. My guess is they will replace them for you.
  • Thanks Pete. I'm currently working with them (sending pics) and we'll see what they do (I'll post with outcome)
    It was really a bummer because they worked flawlessly during the Ultra (Catamount 50k in Vt). Yep, Superior 1's. 

  • Altra was great. Terrific responsive and personable customer service. Offered a replacement pair but my size was out of stock so gave me a 50% disc to any pair. I ordered the One2's based on your review here since I was going to get them eventually anyway. 
    (and Shoe Goo may yet salvage the Superior 1's, stay tuned)

  • Awesome, good news!
  • They are very helpful. When mine tore they gave me a rebate coupon that I used on several shoes. Good for me since I did not have to send them in from Europe.

  • Impressive customer service!
  • Their customer service may be impressive, but they tend to censor you if you happen to disagree with them. At least their french representative on FB does.
    Just for that reason I'll probably never buy a pair of their shoes.
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