An app for safe running

I am working on an idea and I want to ask the running community for feedback.
It's a mobile app. During setup, you enter an emergency contact into it. Then when you go running, you tell it that you are starting your run. If the app senses that you have stopped for longer then the preset amount of time (set by the user), say 1 or 2 minutes, it asks you if you are ok. If you do not respond, the app automatically sends a notification to your emergency contact. Letting them know that you were on a run, here is your location and that something happened and you need help. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


  • Just wanted to drop a note before you invest time in development... the RoadID and Life360 apps already do that, and they have a pretty robust user base already.  The iOS version of the RoadID app has been around for a bit, and the beta Android version is currently out (of which I'm a beta tester).  That particular app also allows for you to track someone live via web/mobile irrespective of OS or browser, see the actual trails/path he/she took (via "breadcrumbs"), or receive emails/texts/alerts based on predetermined conditions.
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