Running with some pain

Since my wife and friends told me I too skinny (I got the Flu and lost around 8 Lbs), a month ago I decided to put up some weight, went from 154 lbs to around 165 lbs (I am 6 Ft). The truth is that I feel better with the new weight and look better (Says my wife). The thing is that I gained the weight while in a trip that I wasn't able to run almost at all (I usually run at least 5 times a week, 6 miles per day) and when re-started after 3 or 4 blocks I began to feel pains in thighs and calves that didn't allow me to run almost at all, felt like cramps and like when you are breaking new shoes. I do not feel tired or overweight, I just felt pains or discomfort haven't felt bedore. Do I have to wait until I get used to the new weight, or is it anything else? 

I am 52, Male, Medium size frame, Neutral Foot, 6' 0", live in Cartagena, Colombia, where average temperature at 5 am is 90F and 95% humidity.

Thank you for your attention and comments.


  • My first thought is that you probably started with too much mileage after a week off.  You probably should have reduced mileage a little bit (maybe take one day off and run your usual mileage for every other day). 

    Other than that, I wonder if you were just dehydrated?
  • BryanEW710, thank you so much for taking the time. You are probably right that part of the problem surely is dehydration. To be more exact with the pain - discomfort sensation, let me tell you that it is like a burning mainly at the shin. Again, thank you.

  • I'm 33, so I can't speak directly to how quickly you recover from time off at 52, but it would seem to me that you are dealing with the usual pains of starting over.  It is a different case if  it is pain that makes it difficult to run or walk (especially once you are loose and warmed up).
  • Returning from time off combined with illness recovery and adding weight are multiple changes at once. Wouldn't be surprised if it's some combo of all of these things. Is the pain on the front of the shin or on the inside above the ankle?
  • Runblogger, hello and thank you for taking the time. Interesting question. At the beginning it was a pain inside above the ankle, like a sharp pricking pain only on the right side. It went away. Now it is on the front of the shin. And I am running my 6 miles in a special way like this: Start my first mile and I have to walk a block since the pain bothers, after that I start running again and the pain eases and run 2 miles without some pain but have to stop for some relief (walk 2 blocks) and end with the other 3 miles feeling kind of well but not happy since it is not a relaxing run, I feel I am running more for health - discipline than for the fun of it. It should be the combination of health and fun more than anything else. Again, thank you.

  • Hmm...strange that it has moved around like that. Original pain sounds like medial tibial stress, but front of shin sounds more like anterior shin splints. If it is really causing you trouble might be worth seeing a PT or sports Chiro to have it checked out.
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