Merrell Road Glove 3?

edited May 2014 in Merrell
Anyone have any experience with the Road Glove 3's and how they compare to the Road Glove 2's?  I am debating if I should buy the 3's for full price or get a pair of the 2's.  I have ran many miles in the Road Glove 2's and love them.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • I must be pretty far behind...I didn't even realize they'd come out yet!
  • Yea, I haven't found many reviews of them yet.  They changed the outsole on them, but it is still a vibram sole.  It looks like they added a small overlay where the upper is attached to the sole.  I would assume they did that so that the upper doesn't come apart from the sole.  It looks like the stack height and cushoining are the same.  They changed the look of the shoe and I think it is a little bit lighter.  I havent seen it in a brick and morter store as of yet, just online. 
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