Saucony Grid Type A6 - Left Adductor/Groin Pain

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My current shoe rotation is:  Saucony Viratta, Kinvara 4, Skechers GoRun 3, GoRun Ultra, Newton Energy, Merrell Bare Access 3, Altra Instinct 1.5.  I just purchase the Pearl Izumi N0, and the Grid Type A6 - my first try at "racing flats".  I definitely prefer light and low heel to toe drop shoes, and firmer shoes in general.  The PI's didn't fit right.  The left was perfect, the right had an issue where my little toe bumped against the side of the shoe.  Darn, I liked them a lot otherwise.  The A6 fits great.  But, less than a mile into my first run, and off and on for the rest of the 6 mile run, and for a few days after, I had noticeable left adductor/groin soreness.  Sort of like a strain feeling.  

Any thoughts on whether this means the shoe isn't right for me, or perhaps I need to adapt to them?  I really enjoyed the light and easy "ride' of the shoes.  They felt great, but I definitely don't like soreness and strains like this.  Or, should I maybe swap out the insole?  Or, ......  


  • It seems like few people wear flats as their normal trainers. I've advocated that on this forum before, but it just may not work for most people. There are certainly many runners much faster and better than I am who mainly train and race in shoes like the first few you mentioned. Everyone is different, I guess. For me, I seem to run into problems with injuries and soreness when I wear shoes with more cushioning, so I stick with the flats and minimal shoes.
  • Tough to say, have you tried them again? Don't typically associate groin issues with shoes, but anything is possible I suppose.
  • I returned them for store credit.  Not sure what it was, but no need to play around.  I have had much better luck with the Skechers GoMeb Speed 2 shoe.  I just wore it for the Bolder Boulder and really like it.  I am becoming increasingly unhappy with the design and quality of the new Saucony shoes.  I think it is time for me to move on to another brand.  Not sure what though.  For now, I am lacking a new shoe for the marathon, given that the Kinvara 5 is a no go for me.  I would like to use the GoMeb, but I don't now if I am up to running 26.2 in that type of shoe.
  • For me I think top choices for the marathon if not the Kinvara might be the adidas Adios Boost, New Balance 1400v2, maybe one of the Newton shoes. If not for the pointy toebox the New Balance Fresh Foam might even be in the mix, but can't risk toe blisters over that distance. Skechers GoRun 4 and Speed 3 also possible, but not out till Fall.
  • I know you are good with the less "flat" shoes, but I am leery of them.  I did order a pair of the 1400v2's, they didn't fit my foot right.  The Boost looks interesting, but 10mm, geez, I really prefer 0MM to 4MM.  I like my Speed 2's, and if I can work my way into them for longer distances, they could be a candidate for sure.  I also run in the Newton Energy NR shoes.  I like them a lot, but I really am looking for something more like the Kinvara 4's.  I just ordered a pair of the 4's on closeout, but they will certainly not be useable by October due to mileage.  I also run n the GoRun3.  I like it, but I had some pains initially, and I am no where near ready for using them for longer distances.  What a pain.  I just wish shoe companies would leave shoes alone.  Hopefully the Kinvara 6 will do away with the collar design in the 5.  The rest of the changes for the 5 were nice.  I actually liked them.  I am interested in the Skora Fit, but Skora just makes it to hard to try them without worrying about getting stuck with a shoe that doesn't work.  I know you don't have that problem because you get shoes sent to you, but for me, I have enough new shoes sitting on the rack that I will never wear.  Sigh!

  • I actually buy about half of my shoes, so I know about the risk of not being able to return. In fact, within the past month I've bought the Free 4.0, NB Fresh Foam 980, Salomon Sense Ultra, and PI EM Trail N1. 

    The Altra The One2 might be worth a look, it's a lot like the Virrata.
  • Thanks, and sorry about that last comment.  I do know you buy a lot of shoes, and I appreciate your reviews, and your posting guest reviews.

    I tried the One2, the overlay that runs towards the big toe, actually the toe next to the big toe, created pressure that was not comfortable.  I am beginning to realize it isn't how snug or roomy a shoe that only impacts fit, but also the harder overlays pressing on the foot.

    Again, I really was happy with the Kinvara 4 and the Virrata "1".  I think Saucony messed up both.  The Virrata appears to be the same, but it doesn't feel the same.  That being said, I am able to run in the Virrata 2, but no way on the Kinvara 5, that collar design just doesn't do it for me.

    My goal would be to be able to run the next marathon in the GoMeb Speed 2, or the Viratta 2, given that I can't find an adequate replacement for the Kinvara 4.
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