Free Flyknit tearing?

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I have two pairs of the old Nike flyknit 5.0, and one of them recently tore on the heel (actually on the top part of the heel, where it begins to look like a sock), after a seemingly small number of miles ( < 200 ). The other pair is fine, but since I use them far less often ( <100 miles on them, probably), it's hard to compare.

To the question: has anyone else had similar issues? I was tempted by the new free line (and, in particular, the new 3.0), but I wouldn't want to pay so much for a shoe if it had the same construction that was known to be shoddy.



  • I have a pair of the Flyknit Free shoes that debuted last summer.  I'm not sure if we are talking about the same shoe but mine are still in great condition.  I've easily put a couple hundred miles on them.  
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