Low drop, mid-cushion trail shoes

Has anyone seen a good comparison of the the Lone Peak 1.5 and the MT00V2 or have experience in both to share? The warm weather has let me put enough muddy miles on my old MT110s to justify buying new trail shoes. The Lone Peak look good but I've had issues with Altra quality and fit in the past with the Samson and Torin. It also looks like MT00V2 have abandoned the minimus last for a narrower toe.

Any recommendations for other low-to-no drop trail shoes with 15+mm cushioning? I'm probably going to get another pair of the original MT110s cheap on a discount site to have around as a backup and I'd like to try something different this Spring as well.


  • I haven't tried the MT00V2 but I am a big fan of the Lone Peak 1.5. I can also recommend the Nike Terra Kiger as an excellent low drop trail shoe that also performs well as a road shoe.
  • How about the Superior 1.5?
  • The Lone Peak 1.5 got the top spot in my reader survey for trail shoes last year, but have not tried them myself. Just ordered a pair of MT00v2, should arrive tomorrow.
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