Saucony Grid Viratta 2

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The Grid Viratta "1" was one of my go to shoes.  In fact, I was thinking of it for my fall marathon.  I just received a pair of the Viratta 2's yesterday.  I was wondering if anyone else who loves the 1's has tried the 2's?  The 2's feel snugger and seem shorter.  They just feel like a different shoe to me.  I compared them side by side, which is of course not easy to do.  They look the same, but they just feel snug and short.  

I would be interested to hear what others think.  Thanks!


  • I liked the first Virrata, unfortunately I ate up the EVA sole. The wearing was terrible.
    I'd be interested to see how the durability of the sole is on the virrata 2
  • Looks to be the same

  • I loved the 1's, have the 2's but have not put any miles on them yet. They don't feel too different to me trying them on, maybe they just need a break-in?
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