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I am thinking about trying a pair of Skechers GoBionic Trail shoes, but don't know what size to buy.  I can't find any in stores, nor do they sell them at running warehouse where I can use the Shoefitr.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am currently running in New Balance MT1010 size 12 (that fit perfectly) and a pair of Mizuno Wave Ascends 8s (that are a bit snug with the width).

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  • For years, I have worn size 8.5 when wearing a typical support shoe.  My two favorites were the Brooks Adrenaline and the Saucony Guide.  When I began to transition to more minimal footwear (low heel-toe drop using a concentrated midfoot strike), I chose to start with the Skechers line (GR2 and GRR2).  I ordered the 8.5 and it's working well for me.  That being said, since beginning that transition a year ago, I have tried on a couple of Sauconys (Kinvara and A5), and the 9 seems to fit my foot better.  This could be due to a number of things:

    1.  The more minimalist line from Saucony might fit differently than the support line did.
    2.  My foot is expanding / growing / changing because of my change in footstrike, change in footwear, and (dare I say it), age.
    3.  My taste in the "feel" of a shoe is changing.  Perhaps I am just beginning to prefer a less restrictive feel in a shoe.

    Bottom line is that I think that it's going to be a try and see approach for you.  I would start with your "normal" shoe size and be prepared to move up a .5 size if need be.

  • I've had GoBionics and Gobionic Trails both in Size 9.5 UK. This is the same size as the 2 pairs of Mizunos I've had and 3 pairs of Brooks. I've a pair of Go Runs in size 10. New Balance MT110 in size 11! Saucony Peregrine in 10.5.
    So for me it suggests Gobionics are possibly slightly larger than advertised. I hope that helps.
  • I've got GoBionics(not Trail) in 9.0 and they're somewhat baggy. I would try 8.5 next time. I fit a Mizuno Levitas in 8.5 and an MT110 in 9.5.
  • I run in 11 1/2 in most shoes (NB, Merrell, and Inov8) but the same 11 1/2 in my Skecher GoRun2's is like I'm wearing clown shoes with all the extra toe room. Next time I'd go down 1/2 a size. (but even with the extra room they're terrifically comfy!)

  • Not to hijack the thread, but I have a question about the Go Run Rides.  I've got a size 12 in the Go Run3s that are just a shade too small - I REALLY wish they would make a 12.5.  That would be perfect, as the 13s are too big all around.  Anyone have any insight into sizing in the Run v. the RIde?  Are they the same?  One run bigger/smaller than the other?  Thanks!

  • Anyone know if the GoRun Ultra's suffer from the same oversize as we're seeing in the GoRun2 and GoBionic or are they true-to-size?

  • I wear a size 13 in almost everything. I have GoRun 2 and GoBionic Trail, but got a pair of Go Run Ultras in a 13 and they were HUGE. I sent them back, but never tried to get a 12. I would definitely go a half size down.
  • 11.5 for me for the GR1/GRR1/GRR2 as with all my other shoes. I tried on the Ultra briefly and 11.5 seemed ok too. Didn't much like their feel, not much cushion on the front and it felt like I had heels on!
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