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Anybody tried these out? I gotta tell ya, I like the look of them. I'm in the UK and instead of BlazingFast we seem to have Asics Gel Piranhas. They're up to SP5 now but I'm wearing the SP3s and they're my favourite shoe of all time with Saucony Type A5s my second favourite. The thing I like most about the Piranha SP3s are they're like, well, ballet slippers but both the BlazingFast and SP5 both look like more shoe, which isn't necessarily a good thing. I see some older Piranhas were well reviewed on this site, though not by Pete, and I'd like to know if anybody has tried out the BlazingFast and knows how they compare to the older Piranhas. Thanks!


  • SP5? Damn it! I wish they would sell that shoe in the US. I have the SP3s, and those are pretty much the only shoe I race in. I've run 4 marathons, 6 halfs, and a bunch of shorter races in that shoe. I still have a new pair in reserve for this year if the A5s, MV3s or Skechers GoMebs don't work out.
  • I've run a bit in the BlazingFast. Super minimal, a bit on the narrow side, and I worry about the durability of the uppper but have not had problems as yet with my pair. If narrow is a problem, Mizuno Universe 5 is a good alternative.
  • Thanks for the reply, guys. I don't know if I bought a weird wide pair but my Wave Universe are too wide around the toes. Baggy almost. My Piranhas are slightly snugger than my A5s (which fit me like a glove, well, not a glove but you know what I mean) but there's so little to the Piranhas upper that it's not constricting. Looking at pictures of the Blazingfast they do look a bit narrow.

    And Michael, I also bought two pairs of Sp3s, a few years back now, they were on clearance and I haven't touched the second pair yet. They're deceptively durable though I haven't worn them for anything longer than 10 miles.
  • Yes, the Universe 5 is kind of a baggy shoe, which is strange for a racing shoe. I find it better classified as a minimal shoe but Mizuno would never admit that :)
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