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Selling Second Hand Running Shoes

Hello all - 

I've wondered as I putz around on this forum, why are there not more people who sell/trade their running shoes here?

A lot of us are the type that buy a bunch of different shoes (Like Pete himself) and obviously don't get high mileage on them all.  I'm constantly looking for the newest shoe to try, and have shoes to sell second hand.  Is there any reason that doesn't happen more here?  I'd rather sell here without ebay fees than put them on Ebay.

With that said, if anyone is interested in the following nearly new shoes, let me know.  

Brooks Pure Flow 2 - Size 11  - 1 run (4 miles) in them.  Not the right fit for my feet.  Were a Bday gift from my wife, didn't have the heart to return them
Hoka One One Bondi Speed 2 - Size 11  - Probably 30 miles in them.  
Newton Energy - Size 11 -  Really like this shoe (probably 5 runs on them, around 20-40 miles) but like it slightly less than the 3-4 others that I use a lot, and have a hankering to try some more!

I can send pictures.


  • Good point. Funny, I was just thinking about listing some shoes on ebay too. 
    so, I'll pile on. 
    Anyone interested in adios boost size 11 or wave sayonara size 11? 
    both very lightly used. 

  • Ebay works pretty well, happy to have these posted here if people have stuff they are looking to unload.
  • I'm just surprised people don't use this more often to sell.

    I am more frequent on, and people sell stuff there ALL the time.  In fact, I sold all of the listed shoes above on slowtwitch in less than 24 hours.  And, I didn't have to pay the absurd 10% ebay fees.  Works out well for everyone.
  • Just putting this out there. I have a pair of Asics Kayano 20 Pine Green size 10, that has about 20 miles on them. Great shoes for someone else. Asics gives me Achilles tendinitis. Therefore, I am looking to rid myself of them. I have a pair of GT-2000 that I now use in yard. So, if anyone is interested let me know. No sign of visual wear. I will pay for shipping for a reasonable price.
  • I wear a 10 in Asics. I sent you a private message.

  • I've got a pair of mizuno Sayonara size 12. Maybe 50 miles on them. It's the blue pair.
  • Well, I'll jump on the proverbial bandwagon.  I've got two pair - I'll  pay the (U.S.) shipping for a reasonable price.

    1. Brooks Pure Drift in a size US 13 - 90 miles on them, and in very good shape - very little wear. Yellow and black.
    2. Nike Structure 15 in a size US 12 - about 60 miles on them, nearly all in the winter, so they look brand new. Gray with a blue swoosh.

    Make me an offer - I'd like them out of my closet (so I can make room for another pair...) :-)
  • How many size 10-10.5's do we have around here? I have a ton of shoes I'm ready to unload, cost of shipping only (I can't sell media samples or I have to claim income). Was going to donate to a local thrift shop but if any interest here I can write up a list.
  • If I chop off my toes I could maybe get these flippers of mine down to a size 10.  How good are the shoes? :-)
  • Runbloger: I'm a size 10 always wanting to try new shoes but now wanting to pay the full price to find out that I don't like the shoes.  The thought has never even crossed my mind to buy used or even sell lightly used shoes.  What do you have?
  • I will also throw out that if anyone has a used pair of original Bionics in size 12 I would be interested. I haven't been able to find them in my size anywhere. My original pair are pretty worn out.
  • Pete (Runblogger): I am also a size 10-10.5. My shoe sizes have matched yours in your reviews. I am also willing to try new shoes. Have wanted to try many of the shoes that you have done reviews on but have not been able to find some of them locally to try on. Let me know. THANKS
  • I am also a size 10 in the process of trying to find my next pair of trail shoes. If anyone has the Evo Ferus or Mix Master Move or similar I'd love to give them a shot.
  • I'm a 10-10.5 Pete.  Be glad to take some test shoes off your hands.  95% of what I run is trail and all 6 of my pairs of trails shoes have over 300 miles on them.  Yes I run A LOT.  Right now I'm fairly dedicated to Inov8, but have had Saucony in the past that I loved, but they wore out beyond use in 250 miles and that just wasn't enough for me.  Despite having run multiple Ultras I've never run a road marathon.  its on my to-do list for this year.  Guess I should get some road shoes to do that.  

    And to everyone else wish I had found this sooner.  Just last month I donated a few pairs of shoes that didn't fit right that each has less than 100 miles on them
  • Pete, I am a size 10.5 also, so I'd love to check out your list of shoes you are looking to dump.  I do wear a size 10 in some of the shoes that run larger (Precision 13 & GRU) but most of mine are 10.5.  You can email me the list directly if you want. Thanks!
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