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  • Well, I haven't gotten the chance to run in them just yet. 
    But I can say that they are super light, and they have one of the softest and most comfortable uppers I have ever stepped into. Almost no stitching whatsoever on the inside. The fantom fit feels promising just with it on....but in application I will have to see.

  • Also, I originally thought the pattern on the upper would basically feel similar to flex-film on the Saucony Kinvara. I was surprised when I finally got them and it had a much more rubbery texture to it. 
  • Hopefully, they're a little softer than the original.  They looked SOOOO cool, but just felt completely dead on my feet.
  • Hmm, I don't know how it compares to the original. As far as I can tell, from pictures of the old one at least, is that the only thing that has changed is the upper.
    So the midsole may be the same in feel for you Bryan
  • FYI, everyone, I tweeted Running Warehouse about when they would be available for pre-order and, voila, they responded by listing them for delivery. Ordered a pair overnight (give back that Runblogger coupon money) delivery to play around with this weekend. Will report back. 

  • And I bought a pair of the originals to have a reference point, and they just came in the mail to today.

    I bought a pair of the v1's in a 10 instead of the 9.5 of the v2. Oddly enough they both run about the same lengthwise but I can't say exactly how they fit when it comes to the forefoot. The reasons why I can't say are that obviously the size discrepancy and also because the fantom fit upper of the v2's feels about twice as thick as the upper of the v1's. So while the v1's do feel a bit more roomy in the forefoot I have to consider those two reasons.

    The upper of the v2's though is IMMENSELY more smooth and comfortable though. It also feels like it has a bit better of a lock-down on my mid-foot. 

    Another difference is that the arch of the v1's (at least in mine) have a very weird bump almost similar to that of the Merrell bare access 2's arch. But the arch in the mr00 v1 is much more annoying compared to the Bare Access 2's(and I love the bare access). The extra annoying-ness is probably because the arch bump is thin and on the outer edge. But it also has to be considered that I have flat feet so the annoying factor may be upped a little bit. Even so, you should be glad to know that this bump is completely gone in the v2. The mid-foot is completely flat in the v2 and is much more comfortable.

    As I have been very busy the past few days with school and work I haven't been able to run in any pair so I can not compare the differences. All of my insights so far have just been from walking in them.
  • Just got them and be warned: sizing is a bit weird. I wear a 9D in MT and MR10s, a 9.5D in 1400s and a 9.5 in the Pure series, mainly for width. Ordered a 9D based on the similar last of the other Minimus shoes and...they are long. Real long. Like a thumbs-width long while standing on my shorter foot (right). MR10v2 9 is pretty much my idea of a perfect fitting shoe, so I don't know what's going on here; could be the more traditionally pointed toe. That said, they feel snug across the arch and roomy across the toe box, so I think I'm just going to bare the length and mind the heel for slipping (heel collar is a bit high but I may be  agitated from wearing Vivo Ras yesterday, which always move around). Likely not a shoe to go sock-less in, for me, which is a shame given how soft the liner is (similar to the 10v2). I know the burrito tongue divides opinion, but I think they did this one right with the lacing system and material length. No difference with the mid/outsole compared to the v1, so those that found those "dead" feeling may be disappointed. Supposed to be an off day for me today, but I may break them in on a 15K tomorrow if my calf is feeling loose.

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    Okay, ran one easy 15K (dry cement, mostly)  and can report that they are pretty much the same shoe as the first MR00 in terms of ride, just a different feeling to the upper. Less structure, more room in the toebox but the lacing system kept the shoe feeling secure despite the added room. Doesn't feel nearly as "baggy" as the Mr10V2, but just as comfortable. The toe is slightly more pointed, like a traditional shoe, but I didn't notice it doing much. Finished with a mile or so at tempo and they felt fine. But if you faulted the first version for a lack of pop in the ride, you will be disappointed again. That's just not what these shoes are for. 
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