Best running app for android?

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I've finally made the switch from apple to android and the only thing I miss about my iphone is using ismoothrun to track my runs :(  Is there anything with the same features on android?  I really miss ghost runs, pace/distance graphs, tracking my shoe mileage and being able to preset workouts...


  • Strava has been good to me. No preset workouts, but most of the other features, and a really great interface. Plus, if it's good enough for Pete, maybe you should give it a shot, too!
  • I use Strava as well and I love them.  Good tracking of shoes as well.  I also use MapMyRun for times I don't have tracking and want to manually create a route.
  • Runkeeper for me.  I've found I don't run with my phone much anymore, though.  I think the lack of a good armband has something to with it.
  • I was playing with Strava online, but have not tried the app. Think I prefer dailymile still and they have an app coming. When I do use my iPhone iSmoothRun is my favorite app. Just bought a Magellan Echo to review in conjunction with that app. Unfortunately I'm an iPhone guy so can't help with Android.
  • WhatWhutWHAT?!  DM has an app coming out?

  • They do, have not seen it but they just offered to hook me up with the Beta soon. Gonna see if I can get it.
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