adidas Adios Boost First Run Report

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A few months ago I received a pair of the adidas Energy Boost. Ran in them a few times and didn't much like them - upper was too tight around the midfoot, too much heel cushion with a lot of flare. They didn't work well with my stride. A few days ago adidas sent along a pair of the adios Boost which looked like a much better match. I'd run in the regular adios 2 before and it was decent, but a bit tight around the toes, so I opted for a half size up in the Boost version.

My quick first impression over 5 miles was very good. The adios Boost reminds me a lot of a slightly stiffer version of the New Balance 1400vs, which I loved. Forefoot is firm, heel soft, and the fit actually is surprisingly good, which I did not expect. Fit is very comparable to the 1400. The heel lift in the adios Boost didn't really bother me, possibly because of the combo of softness and minimal flare.

Looking forward to putting more miles on them! 



  • They sure look cool.

    Sadly, I haven't been able to fit a pair of Adidas since the Cairo of about a decade and a half ago :(
  • I have a similar opinion having just taking them out for 17 fast miles yesterday. You would never think it is a 10mm drop shoe. Fit is a little too narrow but the upper material is nice and forgiving. Looks like I found my new marathon shoe.
  • The fit is not narrow. I prefer shoes with a wide forefoot, and I find these shoes to be very comfortable.
  • To me the fit is very narrow. The whole midfoot is rather snug and my pinky toes rub. I still love them though, just going to size up.
  • I went up a half size and they fit just right, not too wide, not too narrow on my foot. Very similar to the NB 1400.
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  • Pete, what are the stack heights for the Adios Boost? I'm having trouble finding them online.  Also, how roomy is the toebox?
  • From Competitor - 19.5mm heel, 10.5mm forefoot.

    I went half size up and toebox is just right. Not wide, not constrictive. Perfect for a performance shoe.
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  • I keep toying with the idea of wearing these for a short race like a 5k, but I've always worn flats. I think I'm doing a 5k this weekend, so I'm going to do a little speed work with these shoes tomorrow. My plan, which I made up, will be 1 mile easy warmup, 6x1/2 mile repeats at faster than 5k pace (flat out?) w/1/2 mile recoveries. Interested to see how the shoes feel.
  • I think they'd be fine in a 5K, I'd consider using them for that purpose. Let us know how it goes!
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  • Seems like they'd be a bit beefy for a 5K, don't you think?
  • That would be my first thought, but the fact is that many elites (and the winner) in the NYC marathon were wearing this shoe and going a lot faster than my sad 6:30 5k pace. I mean, if it feels like too much shoe tomorrow, I'll go with a flat. But those guys wear shoes with more cushion and a higher drop for a reason, obviously.
  • That workout was torture. It sure felt like I was working harder in that shoe to go fast. No way I'm wearing that for a 5k.
  • If you was to choose between these and the NB 1400 & 1600 regardless of the price?
  • I'm a neutral pronation runner. Will this shoe be fine with me or should I just stick with stability shoes? I'm really having a hard time choosing between Adidas Adios Boost or Saucony Guide 7. Thank you for your kind responses.
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