Running Strollers? What do you use

Hey everyone, 
My wife and I are expecting and could not be more excited!  We are both runners, and would like to get a good running stroller, but since this is our first we have no experience with them.  So what do you like?  What is good, what is bad?  Is there something we should look for on a running stroller?

I know its not a normal discussion on here but figured someone had to have some experience with the strollers.

Thanks for your help,


  • Eric,

    Great question, and a perfectly normal one for this forum. When my third child was born I had become a pretty serious runner so we invested in a BOB Revolution and it was one of the best purchases we have made. Well made, sturdy and great for running with a little one when they are big enough. Pricey, but in my experience it was worth it:

  • We had a bike trailer, the Chariot Cougar, and a conversion kit to put a front middle tire on it and turn it into a running stroller.  Seemed like a great idea, and it worked ok, but using it as a stroller was somewhat awkward.  It was a little difficult to steer, especially around corners.  Didn't help that I was usually holding the dog leash in addition to pushing the stroller.  Overall, I expect a running stroller that was just designed as a running stroller (not something that converts from being pulled to being pushed) would probably function better.

    That said, we have gotten a ton of use out of the Cougar.  We've pulled our son in it for hundreds of miles biking, both on and off-road, and I used it a couple times a week running when he was a toddler.  He is 7 years old now and rides his own bike, but yesterday I squeezed him into the trailer to take him to school during a near-freezing downpour - he stayed warm and dry.
  • Not going to lie...I got one for free when a friend of mine, who had bought one at a garage sale for $5 while his brother was in town, gifted it to me.  My wife has had to sew a couple stitches into it, but my son likes it sell enough:

  • @heather - We have a bike trailer and I also found it awkward to run with it, but a great thing to have for its intended purpose. My kids have always loved being pulled by the bike.
  • First of all, congrats! Secondly, I second the BOB revolution recommendation. I've been totally happy with the BOB for runs (fast, slow, long and short) . Nice to have the option of fixed or non-fixed front wheel. Super easy to run with. I think rei is running a deal where they throw in an infant seat when you buy the BOB.

  • We have the Baby Trend. It's also got a front wheel that can lock and it's a bit lighter. I've run with it for over two years about 15 miles a week and not had any issues
  • I'd also agree that a locking front wheel is a must - flexibility to switch between locked and unlocked is great!
  • I highly recommend the Chariot Cougar because it can be used for walking, running, biking, and cross-country skiing.  I have used it for all activities.  We even lugged it to Disney World and the built-in rainfly was the envy of most parents.
  • Awesome feedback! Thank you guys and girls very much, as of now its the thing my wife and I are most concerned over getting, is that bad?  I am sure that will change as we go!  Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your Turkey Trot's, we will be running Detroit's again!  Go Lions!!
  • We have twins so the situation is slightly different. We own a Chariot Cougar and regular stoller with larger wheels. We haven't used the Cougar once for running. We always use the stroller. The Cougar was fine in the first year when you can use special baby nets but afterwards it became quite uncomfortable for the kids. Between 1 and 2 years, they do not sit very well yet. The Cougar forces them in a strange half lying position. Furthermore, though "designed" for two kids, it's quite narrowish. Finally, given the steep price tag quality is mediocre. We've used it a lot for cycling and for commuting to the day care. After two years it looks quite beaten.

    Our regular stroller, a Bugaboo Donkey (fits one or two kids, quite a clever system which can be extended ... who knows in one or two years :-) ), has "proper" seats. You can lock the the front wheels for running. I used to run up to two hours when they took their nap. No problem at all. Now it's down to 1 hour but they still enjoy it.

  • Half the time I used our jogging stroller it was to get my son to nap an not so much that I needed a run :) Comfort for the kid is thus critical!
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