Mizuno Evo Collection (specifically Cursoris) discontinued?

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I heard the Mizuno Evo shoes are not going to have a second iteration.  Can anyone confirm or refute this?  I am especially worried about the Cursoris.  This is hands down my favorite shoe to run in (although nothing will replace the Universe for races).  

Thank you for any information you may have!


  • They at least put out several color palette changes for both shoes, but I haven't seen any talk of new versions.  Guess the fact that they couldn't bother to put rubber on the entire outsole caught up to them.
  • I love the Levitas, I would hate to see that one go.
    Wouldn't be the first time though. I also loved the Saucony Hattori and they stopped with that one as well...
  • Afaik the complete Evo lineup will be discontinued in the US. Cursoris II and Levitas II will however hit the market in Germany, probably rest of Europe as well. So similar strategy as with the Be which never made it from Europe across the pond.
  • Yep, no more Evos. Shame as I really liked the Cursoris. Mizuno was way too late to the party on the minimal stuff, and don't seem to like making shoes without a wave plate...
  • I'd have been willing to try a shoe with a hard plate up front, especially if they added a little more outsole rubber...

  • As a very dedicated Cursoris wearer, I will naturally stock up on them, but I would also be interested in everyone's recommended alternatives.  It and the Virrata are the only shoes I've found that strike the right balance for me between cushioning and flexibility.  Unfortunately, the toe box on the Virrata is too narrow, even wearing a half size larger than normal.

    When I try shoes with less cushion like the Bare Access, I always get achilles pain.  Alternatively, shoes with roughly equal cushion but less flexibility like the Instinct would work for me and may ultimately be what I have to use, but they're not particularly fun to run in.
  • @flatlander - you could try the Newton Energy and swap the insole out for a thin, flat one like I did. It's only 3mm drop if you do that and cushion is great.
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