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Skechers GoRun3



  • I have the Skechers Ultra and I love them.  I just did my first run in a new pair of GoRun 3's and the left shoe felt perfect, and for most of the run the right felt like my ankle was rolling.  It has been sore all day since.  I used the stock insoles provided with the shoes.  I am thinking maybe the right shoe wasn't laced tight enough, or perhaps the insole doesn't work for me.  On my Ultra's I use a Kinvara 3 insole.  Any thoughts?  I am hoping the shoe isn't just not right for me as they can't be returned.  Oh well, it wouldn't be the first shoe I couldn't use.  I really believe the only way to tell if a shoe works is to run on it.  Maybe I should use a Kinvara insole, no insole, or a flat insole like the alternate insole that comes with the Altra Instinct 1.5.  Again, any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated
  • The GoRun has never been zero drop, the GR2 was 4mm with a flat insole. The only difference in the GR3 is the new insole adds 4mm making it 8mm. It's still 4mm with the insole removed. The GoBionic is the only zero drop Skechers shoe.

  • No, the GR2 is a 4mm drop shoe without the insole, not zero. It's actually a bit more complicated than that though because the GoRun is a bit thicker in the midfoot than in the heel. Don't have the numbers handy, but it's what gives the shoe that midfoot bump feeling. The GoBionic was developed to be the zero drop Skechers shoe, GB2 comes out March 1.
  • Yes, correct

  • Think I will skip the GoRun 3 because of the 8 mm drop and stick to my GoRun 2’s. Think I will loose some comfort by removing the insole. 

    I really don’t understand why they change the drop now that they have the Ultra with the 8 mm drop. 
    Hope they will go back to a 4 mm drop with the GoRun 4 or else I’m afraid they will loose a lot of their customers who bought the GoRuns because it was a minimal, low ground shoe. 

    I Like the GoRuns because of the “midfoot bump / M-Strike technology ” which is why I don’t get the new Bionic instead. 

  • Without the insole, the GR3 is a 4mm drop.  It only goes up to 8mm with the insole in. I never even put in the insoles because I loved the GR2s, and I'm loving the 3s.

  • Does the gorun 3 feel like a true 8mm drop with the insole or does the sole design and cutaway heel make it feel less? I've just picked up some for the first time and have ran twice without the insole but they're a little too big (should size down but too much hassle to send back) so was wondering about putting the insole in. I've grown used to low heel by running in Newton's so prefer the idea of 4mm to the 8. Feel it's a really shame the insole isn't flat. I hadn't realised until I saw this thread after ordering
  • You might still be able to find the Skechers GoBionic Ride online in selective sizes.  The Bionic ride is a 4mm drop with no bump. 
  • IDoes not feel 8mm to me with the undercut heel. If the insole doesn't work, you can always swap with one from another shoe. Skechers goal was to provide options for people with different preferences.
  • Thanks for the response about the insole.  Decided to try them out today with it and really enjoyed the ride!  Didn't feel like a big heel and whilst ground feel was muted, I still liked the feel of the cushioning and they weren't too mushy which was a concern.  Think I'll keep the insole in for now and if I still enjoy the shoe I'll buy a second pair in a smaller size to run without the liner. 
  • Finally bought a pair of GR 3's since my 2's are pretty much shot.  This is a great update.  Running without the insole gives more ground feel than my last pair.  Love the lightweight and flexibility of this line.  I still say this is the best lightweight  trainer out there.  
  • I was disappointed yet again that these things do NOT fit me at all.  Even if I bought them too small in length, they'd still be sloppy because they're super high volume.  I guess everyone must have a higher instep and arch than I do, lol.
  • So I am debating between the GoRun3 and the GoBionic 2, I currently have a pair of Free 3.0v5 in a 10.5 and Kinvara 4 in 10.5, how are the Skechers sized, this will be my first pair of Skechers performance shoes.  Also which shoe will be slightly firmer than the Free, I really like them but they are too soft for anything more than an easy run for me.  I am not crazy about my K4 (too narrow for me and not as smooth as a ride).  Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • GoRun is very soft, GoBionic a bit firmer. I wear a 10 in the GoBionic 2, 10.5 in the Kinvara 4.
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