Ankle soreness / shoe recommendation

A year and a half ago I decided to make a change and to try a more minimalist type of running shoe, it was a great decision. It makes running more enjoyable for me, if that makes any sense. I have run in the Merrell Road Glove (a little to minimalist for me, but I still wear them at the gym), Adidas Adipure Gazelles, Nike Free 3.0 v5 and Newton Distance 13. They all have been good shoes for me, but the one issue I have had is ankle soreness on the inside of the ankle, sometimes it can extend to the arch. Most of the time it is only on my left foot but occasionally, on very hard runs my right ankle will be sore.

My question is this, would you look at a low drop shoe with some stability or would you look for a shoe that has a little more heel to toe drop? Anyone else experience this problem?

Look forward to hear what you guys think!

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