Hokas ok for flat feet?

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(Sorry for the repost, but I didnt realize I posted my earlier post on the used shoes section)

I've been running in Stinson Tarmacs since I developed mild arthritis of the knee that my ortho and PT believe my have been a result of fallen arches/flat feet.
The cushioning of the shoes have helped alleviate the knee pain tremendously from not being able to run any more than 5 miles to doing 10 milers before the knee pain starts to creep up. I'm wondering if the lack medial support in the Hokas is aggravating my knee in some way. It's almost time to replace my shoes and am looking for some alternative to deal with the fallen arch condition. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


  • I also have flat feet giving me much pain. I get pain and swelling behind the second metatarsal. I also have Morton's toe. I tried the Hoka Bondi B but they did not help. I think they are too soft so my feet compensate and stiffen. Also the toe box is too narrow. So I think this is a stability issue more than a cushioning issue. I am testing now Altra Provision stability shoes. The toe box is wide and the shoe locks the ankle while still enough freedom for the forefeet. I can update in a couple of weeks.
  • What did you wind up doing for new shoes? I actually have some video here of a guy in Hokas which shows that the shoes don't tend to cause much issue for him with regard to stability: http://runblogger.com/2013/11/colins-running-form-sometimes-radically.html
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