rest, diet & tiredness, what am I doing wrong?

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Hi fellow runners. I am a 48 year old woman 5ft 9in about 10 stone. I have a bit of a patchy running history.(I Am an intermittent jogger if truth be told.) I am totally non competitive & run because I enjoy it & it keeps me reasonably fit.
After a lapse of a few of a few months I started jogging again from the beginning & have now completed the 5K programme, for the last 2 weeks I have been running 5K 5 times a week.
 The new problem is I am noticing that after my 7.30am run I start to feel really tired & hungry around 11am despite having had a breakfast of 3 heaped dessert spoons of porrige with nuts,rasins, 1 spoonfull of yoghurt & a little honey at 8.30am.
So today I had lunch at 11.45 a large sandwich of 2 rashers & salad followed by a large nectarine & a couple of spoonfulls of stewed rhubarb.
I was then so tired that I laid down on my bed & fell asleep for an hour & woke feeling much better had a decaffe & bun and went back to work which is a standing up job.
This happened one day last week too.Am I doing too much too soon?Eating the wrong things,or too much in one go  or what? I don't drink a huge amount of water but have plenty of decaffe Both my grandfathers had late onset diabitees & I do get tired if I dont eat regularily even when not running.
Any suggestions?


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    The drowsiness that happened after lunch might be unrelated to running... you could just be experiencing what's called postprandial somnolence, although given your family history of diabetes, you might want to consult a medical professional if this excessive tiredness is significantly affecting your daily life and work.

    If it is related to running, the simplest method I can think of to determine what you're doing
    "wrong" (if that is indeed the case) is to control for one variable and modify another and see if it has any effect on how you feel after running. Again, given your family history of diabetes, I wouldn't want to recommend monkeying with your diet if it's served you well thus far. What I would recommend is to scale back the amount of your running (either cut back on distance or frequency) to the point where you no longer feel excessively tired, and then just safely and incrementally build on your endurance and stamina from there.
  • I have no idea if this is your issue but for me if I eat to many carbohyrdates I get sleepy.  I put myself on this program due to being a prediabetic even though I'm only 10% body fat and exercise a lot.  I have insulin resistance I suspect from having eaten a high carb diet for most of my life, I'm 55. 

    If you choose to do the two week test it is not easy.  You are probably addicted to sugar, carbs and wheat.  It usually takes about 10 days to break the addiction.  Once the two weeks have gone by your body will flip from burning sugar for fuel to fat and I suspect you won't get as tired as you do.  But like I say I don't know if this is your issue.

  • I bet you don't hydrate enough. You should drink at least 2 L of water each day. I insist on "water". Coke, juice, beer, liquor are just not the same when it comes to hydration. ;)
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