Looking for a Marathon Shoe

I run in the New Balance Mr00 9 1/2 EE. I love this shoe, but on my 16 mile run feet got a little sore. I tried and did not like the saucony virrata ( seemed to Squishy, and my knee hurt. I also tried the saucony fastwitch 6, and did not like it feet really hurt in them. I like 0 to 4mm drop.


  • Also this will be my first marathon. I have run a half in my Mr00
  • Have you considered an Altra (Specifically The One or The Instinct)?
  • Bryan, I have never tried Altra have you? The Altra The One looks interesting from write ups I looked at since you wrote this
  • I have a pair of the Instinct 1.0 that are my backup shoe.  Aside from a sloppier heel than I'd prefer, they're pretty good.  If you're used to the MR00, The Instinct may feel downright soft to you.  I had wanted to like the MR00, but the dead feeling I got totally turned me off.
  • Bryan has is the cushioning in the Bare Access 2 compared to the mr00?

  • Just based on my short jog in the shoe store, I'd say the BA2 is quite a bit better than the MR00.  It's still firm, but still cushioned enough for longer runs (I've only taken it up to 7mi, but that's as long as I've been able to run at one shot in literally a decade).
  • Well I bought the New Balance M1010. They should arive Tuesday from runningwarehouse. I really like New Balance so I thought I'd give these a try
  • I've run up to 14 miles in the BA2s with no pain whatsoever. They're great shoes.
  • Went out in my new M1010 for a 7 mile run feet were a little sore. Today I went for a 12 mile run very hilly. tried not tying the laces as tight feet felt much better. I may have found my marathon shoe.
  • Used the M1010 in the Clarence DeMar Marathon today, the shoes were great.
  • Good to hear it, that's one I still need to try (race and the shoes!)
  • Pete, I do not have much to compare Clarence DeMar to since it was my first marathon. There were water stops at about every 2 miles. The course starts off downhill, as for the last 4 miles I really do not remember much about them except seeing each mile marker, and wondering if I could keep going that much further.
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