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With a case of metatarsalgia that is finally resolved and extensor tendonitis improving after my first half marathon back on April 28, my chiropractor suggested a more cushioned shoe.

The last two years I had been using minimal shoes with a 0-4mm heel toe offset while forefoot striking so I have recently been using the Kinvara 4. The shoes work for one foot (injured one), but not the other! I can feel my left foot twinge with plantar fasciitis since I dealt with that last year.

I have also run in Mizuno Wave Musha 4's so I decided to give the new Mizuno Wave Sayonaras a try.

Has anyone tried the Sayonaras? If so, what do you think of these new shoes?


  • I have almost 100 miles on my Wave Sayonara's. I really like these shoes. They fit perfect. Snug in the heel and mid foot and plenty of room in the forefoot. I would say they are semi-firm, just right. They are responsive with plenty of cushion for long runs. They breath well, but do seem to take longer to dry out than other shoes in my rotation. They seem slightly more flexible than my Kinvara 4's and feel just as light. As far as the heel-to-toe ratio, they feel lower than 10mm, probably due to the low overall stack height. My only complaint is that the shoelaces are too rigid and too short, I'll probably be switching them out for lock laces.

    Running in this shoe is super smooth and they seem to "disappear" on my feet. They are my favorite shoe in my rotation right now and by far the best Mizuno shoe I have ever run in. Mizuno really hit it out of the ballpark with this one, reminiscent of when Saucony first released the Kinvara!

    I have been running in minimalist/transition shoes for the past two years, but recently dealt with a nasty case of Achilles tendinitis and found that by running in shoes with an 8mm heel-to-toe ratio or higher I was able to run while performing rehab. I am almost back to 100% and probably would be 100% if I didn't run an aggressive 5.1 trail race in my New Balance Minimus MT1010's last week (aggravated the AT).

    My point being is that these shoes feel minimalist/transitional, but still allow me to run pain free due to the higher heel-to-toe ratio. BTW, I run 40-50 miles a week.
  • Your review is good news for me since I want to gradually increase my mileage again while working on improving my foot with Baptiste yoga and chiropractic (the chiropractor is an ultra runner and yoga instructor too!)

    I found the Merrell Bare Access Arc 2's almost too firm for my liking, the Kinvara 3's had too narrow of a toe box and the cushion seemed to aggravate the knee. The NB Minimus shoes and Saucony Peregrines seemed to be the root of my PF. The Brooks Pure Project shoes were WAY TOO NARROW and caused 4 layer blisters in a 10km race last year.

    It's been a long and expensive journey finding the right shoe. Not running is not an option. Running gives me peace after a hard day of teaching, helps battles my weather related migraines and gives me bonding time with ShadyGSD.
  • I just ran in the Sayonaras a few hours ago. I'd put them in a category with shoes like the adidas Adios and NB 890. Minimal feel but higher drop. Fit is great, but I do personally notice the higher drop. I think my foot strike tends to be very sensitive to higher drop since I tend to run midfoot to mild heel. Any increase in heel height over what I'm used to usually results in the heel catching the ground early. For someone with a more pronounce heel or forefoot strike it probably would not be as noticeable. These are a great choice for a minimalist leaning runner looking for a higher drop shoe.
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    I do have a very pronounced forefoot strike because when I run in snow, there is only half a footprint (no heel).
  • Sentzation/Runblogger - I to am coming back from achilles tendonitis and am looking for a shoe with a higher drop and slightly more structure. I have been running in the largely in the Kinvara and other minimal, lower drop shoes. How would you compare the Sayonara to the Kinvara? fit, ride, cushion etc. Thanks 

  • @KiwiChris - I think it's reasonably comparable in terms of fit. Not a wide shoe by any means, but neither is the Kinvara. The Sayonara and the New Balance 890 would both be worth a look for a lightweight shoe with a bit higher drop. I'd add the adidas adios if it weren't so narrow at the tip of the forefoot.
  • @KiwiChris - I tried the Sayonara today for 6km and there was enough room in the forefoot (similar to the K4), but the heel and midfoot were more snug. I found the K4 sloppy and it started causing plantar fasciitis twinges.

    The Sayonara is a bit firmer than the K4, but still cushioned to be happy over the 16km mark based on my estimate. These are not fluffy clouds or pillows.
  • The reviews of this shoe have been overwhelmingly positive. Mizuno will be rapt with the reception they've received. I have had my pair for a couple of weeks now and have done about 20km in them so still early days. I had to size down half a size from my usual size. I like the durable looking sole. I can't see that wearing out any time soon.
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    @KiwiChris - Sayonara and Kinvara 4 are similar in fit, but the Sayonara is more snug in the midfoot and slightly roomier in the forefoot. As far as ride and cushion, the Sayonara is firmer leading to a more responsive ride. The upper on the Sayonara feels slightly more structured, the heel counter is definitely more rigid. Both shoes ride smooth, with the edge going to the Sayonara (one of the smoothest riding shoes I've run in). The higher heel to ratio has allowed me to run comfortably due to my AT.
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've ordered a pair of Sayonara's as well as a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 9's...I'm getting desperate to alleviate my Achilles tendinopathy as thousands of eccentric heel drops isn't working!
  • KiwiChris - are you doing eccentric calf drops? My physio has me doing stacks of those for AT.
  • Harbourboy - yep, as I said I've literally done thousands of eccentric heel/calf drops. Both my new Mizuno's arrived today so I'm looking forward to taking them out for a (gentle) spin. Out of the box the Sayonara is a really good looking shoe!
  • I gotta say I find these shoes to be exceptionally good. I usually refuse to pay the premium prices Mizuno asks for, but in this case, I think it's justified.

    The energy return this shoe gives you is almost uncanny. It doesn't feel great when you walk in it, but as soon as you run in it, it's an entirely different story.

    In fact, I find them so good that I pretty much decided to wear them for my next half at the end of the month.
  • My son has a pair of Sayonara and a tread section in the forefoot started peeling away after only 150 miles. Fortunately I was able to exchange them for a new pair yesterday. It looks like the little tread nubs are attached to a fabric section which is then glued to the midsole. One of those was peeling. Anyone else see a similar issue with this shoe?
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