Pearl Izumi EM Road N1

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I looked at Running Warehouse.

They say: Stack Height: Heel (22mm), Forefoot (15mm)  [=7mm drop]

Then I looked at the Pearl Izumi website.

They say:  The E:Motion Road N1 has a low 1mm drop

The pictures look like they are the same shoe.  They agree on weight (8.1 oz and 8.2 oz, close enough). 

How can one place say 7mm and the other 1mm??????



  • No idea why the difference, except the obvious that they were taking measurements in different places.  There are often discrepancies between what Running Warehouse reports and what manufacturers report.  I tend to go by the Running Warehouse numbers because they measure all shoes from all brands the same way and in the same spots.

  • For what it's worth, the offset is also listed at 7mm at the Kintec website and at least a couple of other running specialty stores. Maybe they're all getting their data from Running Warehouse, though.
  • FWIW, the N1 has variable drop...the midsole thickness is highest at midfoot.
  • Bryan, how did you learn about this *variable drop* factoid ?????  Do you have a pair ??


  • Here you go:

    Here's more:

    Product Description

    The new men’s Pearl Izumi E:MOTION Road N1 is a lightweight neutral training and road running shoe.  The new Pearl Izumi Road N1 model is the lightest and most aggressive shoe in the E:MOTION collection.  The Pearl Izumi Road N1 promotes a smooth, comfortable running experience.  By cushioning and returning energy upon ground contact, the E:MOTION midsole helps utilize motion rather than absorbing it.   This shoe is perfect for the runner looking for a fast, comfortable and smooth ride.  


    • Dynamic offset - 1mm drop differential at initial contact to 4.5 mm drop at mid-stance

    • Midsole: EVA

    • Outsole: Grade EVA with blown rubber on forefoot

    • Upper: lightweight, breathable mesh

    • Weight:   7.7 oz in a men’s size 9

  • I have about 30 miles on these, should have a review up soon. Awesome shoe, and feels darned close to zero drop on my feet. One of the smoothest riding shoes I've worn in recent memory. Felt super firm at first, but has broken in nicely and I'm really liking the ride. Have not measured them yet, but I'd be surprised if they were 7mm drop.
  • How's the toebox width?
  • Plenty roomy for me, and it's reasonably stretchy. I love the upper material.
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    I agree with Pete here, I have the N1 Trail and though they are, similar to their road cousins, often listened as 7mm drop, they definitely feel like less. Around 3mm to 4mm I'd say, but your mileage might vary. In any case PI's dynamic offset seems to work. I don't see any reasons why the same shouldn't be true for the road version as well.

    And speaking of it, I love my N1 Trails. Sooooo comfortable upper, brilliant fit for my feet, smoothest transition ever and gorgeous design (I have the black/red). The only change I'd like to have for a v2 would be better traction on wet rocks/wood. Anyway, as soon as I need a new pair of road shoes, I will try out the N1 Road as well.

    And to put things into perspective, within the last 6 months I have run in Adidas Energy Boost, Merrell Trail Glove, New Balance 890v3, MT110, MR10v2 and RC1600, Skechers GoRun2, Scott eRide Icerunners and Saucony Kinvara4.
  • My question are they for sockless wear?
  • I haven't tried it with my Trail N1, but I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be possible. All interior seams are covered by welded overlays, so no chance for blisters there. Yet, at the end of the day I wouldn't say that these shoes are specifically designed for barefoot running.
  • I think the biggest show-stopper for me is the EVA outsole.  I really, REALLY wish shoe mfgr's would get away from this practice.  It was better when it was a rare practice for the lightweight shoes that only a few folks ever wore, anyway.
  • I was reading a book by Tom Osler...a very old book, really. And he was saying something like: "The shoes you wear should deteriorate so your body does not have too."
    In other words, if your outsole must wear off in peculiar ways to match your running gait, it is best not to interfere with that.

    This being said, I am always first to complain about durability and these exposed-EVA soles certainly wear out quickly.
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