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Hey guys,

I recently ordered a pair of these, the v1, real cheap from  I ordered them a half size up from my usual size to make sure they could accommodate socks. 

When I tried them on, they seemed to be kind of unstable.  Just standing in them, it seemed like my feet just immediately went into a pronated position, and walking around the house they seemed like they were rolling in too much during the stride and were kind of rocking whenever my heel hit the ground.  I don't know what they'd be like to run in, but I don't really want to chance it. By contrast, I have a pair of MT10v1's that I wear as everyday shoes (never ran in them) that are rock solid to stand in and walk in.

So, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing in the MR20's, either version, or any of the other NB Minimus shoes.  I think the larger size (a little too large) didn't help things, but it seemed like the construction might be to blame too.  I'd like to try the MR10 or 00, but I'm not sure after this experience.  The 730's look promising since they seem to have a flatter sole.


  • The MR range uses a different midsole blend than the MT that is lighter but also (IMO) more unstable, especially if you are used to the MT10's rigidity. It took me a while to get used to the difference (or maybe it was just wearing them in). 
    I caution anyone against forming a prejudice against the MR10v2 or MR00s based on any of the 20s. It's just not a comparable shoe from a build and design quality standpoint. I know NB made the 20s as introductory shoes to the Minimus line, but they are so unlike their more advanced counterparts that its done NB a probable disservice in initiating users further into the line. The 730s have the same midsole material as the MR20s, so you are unlikely to be a fan.  
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