Aching knee whilst driving

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In 25 years of running, I have never had a knee problem. Loads of other problems just not any with my knees. Since barefooting and minimalist running, my other issues have vanished but my left knee aches when I drive any distance or sit in the movies. Anyone got any ideas?


  • Where on the knee is the ache?
  • I have an issue with my knee and have similar issues while driving and sitting for long periods of time.  Appears my knee is not tracking properly.  Could be your issue as well.  The discomfort is at the very top center of the kneecap.
  • Same as greyhound, Top centre. After a while it moves down and it aches right into the top of my shin.
  • Is it the leg working the pedals, or the other leg? The two feet do very different things while driving - one kind of hangs out, the other is pretty highly dorsiflexed and tensed to work the pedals. Wonder if this might have something to do with it? I have a friend who has his Achilles pain flare up in the car. Wonder if moving the seat forward or back a little to change knee angle would make a difference?
  • could be patellofemoral-pain syndrome or Iliotibial band syndrome, brought on by running biomechanics. Tight hip flexors and tight IT band will often pull the knee laterally, causing the patella to track off-set. See whether/not foam roller on the quad, hip flexors, hamstrings, and IT band help...other that that, get good soft tissue treatment from a PT or Chiro certified in soft tissue modalities. Good luck!

  • Hi

    It is the one working the pedals. I do have a tight hip on the other side and have been doing some exercises such as squats to correct it. I wonder if this is causing my left knee to flare up.

  • most likely just calf/quad tightness that is increased with the driving position. just roll the quad and calf out and stretch it. Also, make sure your squat form is correct and are stretching afterwards
  • This sounds like classic patellofemoral syndrome.  This is called the theatre sign or the theatre-goer's sign b/c as bfbeginner noted, it happens when the knee is held in flexion for an exended period of time (such as when watching a movie in a theater).  I second Marcy's recommendations, esp to focus on hip external rotator strengthening.  Good luck!

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