Beefier version MT10, MT10V2?

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These two shoes have never fit my wide better than anything else out there. MT10 was great and MT10V2 became even better.
I run amazingly unrestrained up to around 26 miles on less-technical trail. That being said, these babies are made for less technical trail. You will destroy your feet after 15 miles on rocky limestone here in Austin, TX.

Is there anything out there similar to a MT10 with more protection? I've tried the MT110 (except for version2-wide) , Altra Superiors , Inov8 235's and Salomon Sense Ultras to no avail. I've given a close look to New Balance MO80, but from what I've read they're closer to a beefier MT20 which fit horribly on these Fred Flinstone feet. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Comment wise, I have no idea why New Balance has been unable to create (or wants to) a more protective version of this shoe. They have a perfect combination of wide toe box and neutral running support (or lack of). 


  • Have you tried the NB MT1010? They had some durability issues with V1 of the shoe, but have supposedly addressed them with V2. The MT1010 has a rock plate and more cushioning than the MT10. They are sold in widths as well.
  • I actually have tried the standard widths and find them to fit like the MT20 which I should have mentioned fits me uncomfortable. They both in my case have too much arch support.
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